Can I switch from pre-payment to Pay monthly?

  • 13 March 2018
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Would I be better off switching to credit meter and paying DD? We haven’t noticed a difference since switching to OVO from BG December 2016 to January 2018 but I feel that using £156 in December, £148 January, £140 February and up to now £68 seems a lot to say that we are out 8am till 4:30 and try and limit gas usage at weekends!
I just felt that when we were on credit meters which is a few years ago they were always upping or reducing my DD amount which during winter resulted in us receiving a huge bill (don’t want another £800+bill) we are a family of 4......
if anyone has any advice I’d gratefully appreciate it



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My son is at university in Stirling and is having problems contacting OVO to change from PAYG card to a cheaper method of energy supply like a monthly standing order, what is the quickest and best way to get in touch and change this over asap? as the costs of PAYG are very high particularly with this cold spell we are having. Any advice please with thanks in advance
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Hi @andyreekie thanks for posting.

this topic may help answer your question:
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Great question to ask about the possibility of switching from a Pay-As-You-Go setup to a Pay Monthly plan.


As Boost is the prepayment brand within OVO, a change to a pay monthly plan would require a transfer of your account to our pay monthly brand OVO Energy. This is an internal switch so can’t be requested on our Quote and Switch page or via price comparison sites and may require a change to your meters.


We’re changing the process for people who want to switch from a Pay-As-You-Go Boost account to a Pay Monthly account with OVO Energy. Previously, this was only possible for Boost customers with a medical dependency on electricity or gas, because we weren’t able to credit check internal switches. 


We’ve now set up a new process. This is on request only and you must meet certain criteria, including passing a manual credit check and setting up a Direct Debit as soon as your new Pay Monthly account goes live.


In order to discuss this change give the Boost Support Team a call on 0330 102 7517 or 0117 332 3728, lines are open between 8am - 8pm, Monday - Friday and 9am - 5pm on weekends. 


For more help with managing your new OVO Energy account, check out the OVO online community!

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Why do we pay such high standing charges then? My mum doesn’t pay anything like us per month with her BG credit meter. I just feel that we use £100 worth of gas and electric and a £40-£50 charge......
I’m looking into switching at present as we’ve been with ovo/ boost for a year

I moved into a rented property 3 months ago and I’m on a prepayment meter. Since I’m working from home I am finding half way into the month I’m running out of credit and also money. I’ve always been on a credit meter as I always know where I am. 

How do I change to a credit meter or will I need to switch to do this? 



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Hi @Emmanew88 and thanks for posting!


I’ve moved your comment over to this topic on the same query. 


I’d strongly recommend giving the Centre for Sustainable Energy a call - free advice to lower your usage and costs….

I’ve outgrown Boost pay as you go, my financial circumstances are a lot different than when I 1st had the smart meters installed.

I’ve called 3 times and everytime you’ve told me I can move, just call up any energy supplier and they will sort it out.

All Energy suppliers have told me they can’t switch me unless I have a credit account. You’ve told me I cannot have a credit account as you only do pay-as-you-go.

I WANT THESE PRE-PAYMENT meters removed so i can be free to use any supplier i wish.

How do I do this as im tearing my hair out !

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Thanks for the question, @iwanttomove 


I’ve moved your comment over to a thread on the same issue. the best answer advises: 


Switching from a Pay as you go payment method to a ‘pay monthly’ credit payment method isn’t possible with Boost. We’re a prepayment brand. 


OVO Energy is our sister company, and they only offer pay monthly plans. The issue here is that the sigh up process for Boost is different to OVO. This prevents us from being able to ask OVO to take you on as a customer internally. 


The good news is that if you have a smart meter, your payment method can be changed remotely without having to change your meter. So if you’re certain that pay monthly plans are for you (see the info below for why it’s not necessarily better one way or another), then you can switch from Boost at any time. Find a supplier that can take you on as prepayment, but who are also happy to switch you to pay monthly. From then, you can switch to OVO Energy or any other pay monthly supplier, as long as you fulfill their requirements when switching. 


 One thing to point out is there is very little variation in our costs between Pay as you go and a usual Pay monthly tariff, so even if we were able to offer this, the benefits would probably be minimal.

It goes without saying that the main reason customers report high prices is because they use a lot of energy. If you reduce your energy consumption, you’ll reduce your costs. Check out some energy saving tips here.

You might also find this topic that Darran created. It’s handy as it shows the average monthly spend for Pay as you go customers throughout the year.


Which companies have you approached about taking over your supply? Also what type of smart meter do you have? Is it called, ‘Secure’ ?