Can I get an In Home Display (IHD) sent to me?

  • 28 November 2017
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Hi I’m new to the forum.....
I have been an ovo customer since last December and had smart meters fitted but never received the In Home Display does anyone know if it’s possible to get one??? We seem to be using a considerable amount of credit on a daily basis and no ones home between 8am - 4pm. I would like to beable to see what seems to be using so much

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A whole day, 19 views and no one has answered you? What happened to all that rubbish about a better service for customers? Anyway, youll find the info that you want in the app if you can get it to work. My advice is to move to another supplier, this one is going down the toilet. When you move you should get upgraded to the home display.

Before you move though get on to customer service and check your tariff. They over charged me for almost a year because they didnt change something at some point and of course if I hadnt have called up Id never have known. I would have continued to over pay £200ish a year.

Best of luck.
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Updated on 10/01/22 by Jess_Boost:


Get familiar with your new IHD


With the recent changes to our app, many of your will have been sent a new Chameleon In Home Display (IHD) 6. So we thought it would be handy to have a dedicated topic guide for this device. If you haven’t got an IHD6 yet, request one by sending a message to our Support Team here


When you’re sent an In-Home Display, this needs linking up (pairing) with your meters, with the help of our Support team. Contact us to get this done when you’re near the device: 


Webchat and Facebook / Twitter:

Monday - Friday


Saturday & Sunday


Bank Holidays



Full Service Phone: 0330 102 7517 (0117 370 1041 from a mobile)

Monday - Friday




Bank Holidays



Emergency Phone: 0330 102 7517 (0117 370 1041 from a mobile)

Monday - Friday


Saturday & Sunday




The default screen on these are often set to “Usage today” rather than your current balance. There is a simple fix to get your balance as the home screen default:


Choosing Your Home Screen Layout


From SETTINGS you can also change the view of your home screen according to your personal preference by selecting HOME screen. This option will give you four different home screen layouts to choose from. Use the left and right arrows to scroll through the options. Once you have chosen the screen view you prefer, press SET to save the settings. 


There is also a super handy user guide here.


If you have an issue with your IHD6:


To help the Support team work out why the IHD isn’t connecting, we need you to do some checks, which you might need to provide to the team, depending on what you diagnose: WebchatFacebook / Twitter, or phone 0330 102 7517 (0117 370 1041 from a mobile):


Is there a WAN and HAN connection?


Check the electricity meter and confirm what the LED light labelled 'WAN' and ‘HAN’ is doing.


If you have a Secure Liberty smart meter, and the WAN light is flashing, the meter has WAN. Please check how many times the light flashes between pauses. One flash between pauses means very low signal, five means great signal. If the light is solid, there's no WAN. The HAN light will be solid when the HAN is open - this will activated during install (when pairing the electricity meter to the gas meter and any devices) as well as when pairing an IHD or smart relay via SFE. Once this process has completed, the HAN light will turn off. So you’ll need to check the IHD directly to see if it’s connected to the HAN.


If you have a Aclara S2 smart meter, if there’s WAN and HAN coverage the WAN & HAN lights on top will flash every 5 seconds. If they are searching for signal then they will flash every 3 seconds and if there is a connectivity issue then they will flash every 1 second or not flash at all.


Here are a list of questions you may be asked, if your meter has no or poor WAN:


  1. How strong is the mobile phone signal next to your meter?
  2. Is there anything metallic in the way of the meter which could be moved?
  3. If the meter has something metallic blocking the signal - for instance a mirror or an ironing board - then moving this may solve the problem.
  4. Is your electricity meter in a metal box (e.g a metal meter cupboard)? 
  5. Is your electricity meter in a basement, or is it partially enclosed (e.g in a closed cupboard under the stairs)?


If the IHD is showing missing data for one or both fuels and the meter comms are fine, you should perform the following checks.

1 - Check the distance to the electricity meter, has the IHD been moved? 

Try to keep the IHD within a max of 6 metres from the electricity meter. The signal will decline significantly with walls.

2 -  Has the IHD shown data previously or has anything changed e.g. obstructions?

If the IHD was previously showing data, check if anything has changed in the home that could have caused the loss of communication.

3 - Is the IHD showing the correct time?

If it's not showing the correct time, the IHD is not paired.

4 - Check the IHD signal bars

Signal bars solid > IHD is paired.
Signal bars flashing > Needs to be paired by our Support team: WebchatFacebook / Twitter, or phone 0330 102 7517 (0117 370 1041 from a mobile):

5 - Try turning off for several minutes before turning back on.


If we’ve missed anything out, please leave a comment below!



In Home Display FAQs:



Why is my IHD balance different from my app balance? 


The app balance gets updated once a day after midnight. If you've used energy since midnight or if you've topped up since the time your energy balance updated on your app, then your app balance will be out of date. 

If your meter isn’t communicating with us, then your balance won't update in the app. But the IHD will communicate from your meter throughout the day to stay up to date.


Troubleshooting issues with PAYG Smart and your SMETS1 meter


Do I have a SMETS1 or SMETS2 meter? How can I tell the difference?


A SMETS1 meter has a meter keypad with numbers, and a red and blue A and B button. 


If you have a SMETS2 smart meter, it’ll just have the 2 red and blue buttons, but no keypad. 


Why isn’t my top up showing on my meter or IHD?


It’s normal for smart meters to lose signal from time to time, just like mobile phones. This means it might take longer than usual for your top-up to show up as energy credit. It shouldn’t take more than an hour to see your top-ups on your meter, but you can always add them manually too. Read on for more info. 


How do I top up my SMETS1 meters manually?


After making a payment, it takes up to 30 minutes (for electricity) and 60 minutes (for gas) for the money to show on your meter. If it doesn’t, you can give it a little push.


For this, you’ll need the 20-digit code on your PayPoint receipt. This is why it’s always best to keep your receipts safe.


  • Press on your gas or electricity meter

  • Enter the code from your receipt

  • Tap B to confirm and it’s all done!


If you top up online or via your app, PayPoint will either email them to you or send them via text.


If you’ve lost power and your top-up takes your balance above £0, your meter will start doing safety checks. If it detects gas, the power won’t switch on, so make sure all gas appliances are off before trying to reconnect. If the meter has disconnected, you can reconnect it by pressing AAB (SMETS1) or holding and B at the same time (SMETS2).


Why did my SMETS1 meter cut out without using emergency credit first? 


1. Activate your emergency credit using your IHD

When your balance drops below £5, your IHD will flash and tell you that you can activate the emergency credit. If you don’t, it’ll then flash again when your balance is below 50p:


  • Navigate to the main menu

  • Click on Account

  • Press the  emergency credit button


(You’ll find more detailed information on what to do in your IHD booklet.)


2. Activate your emergency credit using your meter:

  • Press the 7 on the keypad

  • You’ll see a message saying EC OFFER – tap A to accept the emergency credit or B to ignore

  • Then tap B to confirm

  • By pressing 7 you’ll see whether the credit has been activated – it’ll tell you EC SELECTED


Troubleshooting issues with PAYG Smart and your SMETS2 meter


Do I have a SMETS1 or SMETS2 meter? How can I tell the difference?


You can tell if you’ve got a SMETS1 meter, as it will have a meter keypad with numbers, and a red and blue A and B button. 


If you have a SMETS2 smart meter, it will just have the 2 red and blue buttons, keypad. 


Why isn’t my top up showing on my SMETS2 meter or IHD?


Smart meters can stop communicating with us for a number of reasons. If your top-up hasn't appeared on your meter, follow the instructions below to add your credit manually.. 


How do I top up my SMETS2 meters manually?

There are 2 ways:


1. Using your IHD – this is the easiest and fastest way:

  • Tap the menu icon at the bottom right of the screen

  • Press Top-Up

  • Choose the fuel you want to top up

  • Press OK

  • Enter your PayPoint code

  • Tap OK

  • The IHD will then confirm that your money has been added to your meter


2. Using your meter

For electricity:

  • Press A on your meter until you see Enter Top Up Code

  • Press and hold A to begin typing 

  • Enter your code using the A and B buttons to navigate through the digits

  • Press and hold B when complete

  • The meter will show you one of these messages: Top Up accepted or Invalid

  • Press A to continue


For gas:

  • Press C on your gas meter to enter the menu

  • Using and B, scroll to Prepayment and press C

  • Tap A and B until you see New Payment

  • Press to select it

  • Use A and B to enter your code

  • Tap C again


If you’ve lost power and your top-up takes your balance above £0, your meter will start doing safety checks. If it detects gas, the power won’t switch on. If the meter has disconnected, you should be asked to press any button following a top-up to trigger a reconnection.


Why did my SMETS2 meter cut out straight away without warning? Where is my emergency credit?


1. Activate your emergency credit using your IHD:

If your balance drops below £5, the IHD will tell you that your emergency credit is available:

  • Press the menu button

  • Tap E-Credit

  • Select the fuel you want emergency credit for (gas or electricity)

  • Press OK

  • The IHD will confirm your request

  • You’ll see Emergency credit in use next to the fuel you’ve added it to


2. Activate your emergency credit using your meter


For electricity:

If your balance goes below £0, your meter will say EMC available:


  • Press A to cancel or B to activate it

  • You should now see 2 emergency credit balances. The first is how much emergency credit you have left and the second shows how much has already been accepted

  • If you select the emergency credit, you’ll see an EC sign on the display at the bottom-right corner


For gas:

  • Press any button on your gas meter to wake up the screen

  • If you have any emergency credit available, you’ll see an EC logo on the screen, next to the signal bar icon

  • Press C to enter the menu and B to scroll to Prepayment

  • Tap C to enter

  • Press B to scroll down to the Emerg. Credit option, then C to enter

  • If the status says Available, press C to accept the £5 emergency credit (you should hear a beep sound and the status should change to In-Use)

  • You can check your emergency credit balance by going through the same menu options until you see Limit and Remaining

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never received the In Home Display does anyone know if it’s possible to get one

These will usually be given out to customers when they get their smart meters fitted. We can post an In Home Display (IHD) to you if you already had those smart meters when you joined us. Send the Facebook team a message to request this:

As for high costs, these two topics are what you want:


*deleted by moderator My meters were fitted by ovo, and they didn’t give me or even mention I could get an ihd. Why you lying to people Tim?why? And why are you marking your own answer as the best answer?
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Can i have an IHD please?

Not a member of facebook so can't request one on the facebook page... (i don't wan't to sign up to facebook either)

Been with Ovo/Boost for four years but never offered one.

Kind Regards
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Hi, @Neil

Easiest way is to email to request an IHD.
I know I have the app to read my current balance however it would be handy to be able to check the IHD for balance as I am not the only person to but money on the PAYG. Is this possible and can Boost energy supply a IHD that can do this?
How can I get my home display unit and I haven't received my cards
Hello I've just come to boost and I'm wondering if someone can tell me why my electric meter is saying rejected and why on the mobile app can I only see my electric and not my gas plus how do I get an home display unit
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Hi @Mark Lee - I've moved your post onto this topic about requesting an IHD.

Hope this helps!
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How can I get my home display unit and I haven't received my cards

Hey @Kerryanne - information about how to get an IHD here!

been with boost for a while now still waiting for my energy monitor ???

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See the ‘best answer’ above @steveofstoke 

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I requested ihd 2 weeks ago ..

Still have not recieved one.

I am changing to the new pay and go smart therefore I will have no idea what balance I have etc..

I was told information was available from the 10th of November but surprise surprise no email from boost as to regards any details of when I change or details of new App or how can I see my balance…

Please can you help me really concerned if my heating goes off and why is this change necessary when the old app was better equipped to do more than the new app which really does nothing

How do I get a new In Home Display as the new app don't show the balance and my old one packed up? 

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Hi @Papaandy66 @Denzil1977 and thanks for posting this. 


See the ‘best answer’ at the top for info on how you can get an IHD sent out to you!


Please be advised that if you haven’t been contacted about the change to Smart PAYG, it means this hasn’t happened yet. Look out for the email from us!



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Thanks Tim 

I have already requested ihd through your advisers 

Do I need to fill in a request form as well?

Then what is the point of talking to boost over the phone

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Thanks Tim 

I have already requested ihd through your advisers 

Do I need to fill in a request form as well?

Then what is the point of talking to boost over the phone


Ahh brill, no you won’t need to fill that out again, @Papaandy66 - I think the timeframe is two weeks for this to arrive……. 

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Now into 3rd week no IHD

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I received my IHD today. Rang up & paired it to my meters, but it only shows electricity on so far, daily, weekly, monthly & yearly... 

also I thought you’d be able to see your balance & how much you have on your meters not just the useage .??? 
going forward to the new PAYG+ smart this is why I requested an IHD, as the app on phone wouldn’t be of use…. if this is the case it’s silly as with no notifications telling me my meters are low how am I going to know.????

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Now into my 5the week still no IHD


i have never had a in house display, so now the app has been updated, can not see any credit info.

how do i get one ?

as no one seems to answer phone or emails

how can i get a in house display ? 

never had one or offered one and been with boost/ovo for years

new app is crap tells you no info about credit etc.why change it when it was better other way.

reading lots of remarks on here and fb and no one likes it 

there is a form to fill in further up the page 

to request one, but when open link it says i have not got permission to see not really helpful

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Not getting swapped over to new system till next year after recieving e.mail.

Maybe that's why am still waiting for I H D..


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Yep @Papaandy66 only those moving to Smart PAYG now will need an IHD. 


If you’ve had an email to confirm this, (@nickib?), to get an IHD sent out, please fill out this request form

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Thankyou for the link well not really