Can I change my Pipet In Home Display (IHD) to a Chameleon IHD?

  • 21 October 2020
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Can I upgrade my in home display say to chameleon 

3 replies

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Great question, @Blair83 


For the incoming change to Smart PAYG, the Pipet IHD is best suited. In fact I think the Pipet IHD will be the correct model for Smart PAYG, at least until a newer model is available. 


The Chameleon IHD3 isn’t suitable, but it’s likely a newer Chameleon will be compatible at some point. 


Had you had an email to confirm when you’ll be moving to Smart PAYG? 

Okay @Tim_Boost, what about people who currently have a chameleon? What will happen to us when we're forced on to your new Smart PAYG? Will we get a replacement IHD that will work with the new system?

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We’ll make sure you have a working In Home Display, @Macerin 


Whether that IHD will work with Smart PAYG depends on meter type and IHD model. We’re working on the process with some forum members over here and when I know the latest, I’ll share it here!