APP UPDATE - View your Smart PAYG balance online

APP UPDATE - View your Smart PAYG balance online
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Updated on 06/10/21 by Tim_Boost:


Since the launch of the new app, we’ve had a lot of feedback from customers that the ability to view your balance online was missed.

It was really helpful for those that can’t easily access the meters, those unable to read their In-Home Displays very well, or those that are away from home a lot.

We’ve listened to all these helpful comments, and have implemented the ability to view your balance on the app once again!

This should show just below your top up numbers, like the picture below. It’ll give you a snapshot as of midnight, just as the previous app did.


You can also access Smart PAYG via a browser here, but the app balance feature isn’t available on the browser currently.



My energy balance on PAYG Smart FAQs


Will I be able to see my balance in the new Boost Top-up app?

Yes, but it might take up to 3 days to show after downloading the app for the first time. Your balance will be updated each day after midnight. That said, if your meters aren't communicating with us frequently, your balance might not show at all – or be out of date.


Why isn’t the balance showing on my app?

It could be that you don’t have the latest version of the Boost Top-up app. You need to download it (App Store or Google Play) and use it to top-up – your balance will then show after midnight. 


One thing to note is that your balance might take up to 3 days to show after downloading the latest version.


There’s also a chance that you can’t see your balance because the connection between us and your smart meters has dropped out, and we’re not receiving data. This might happen on some meters as we experience a few teething problems with the new app.  But rest assured, we're looking to fix them as soon as possible. You can find more about this in our troubleshooting FAQs section (below). 


Why isn’t my balance showing on the browser version of the Boost Top-up app?

The balance feature isn’t available in your internet browser yet, but it’s something we hope to add in the future.  Download the app (App Store or Google Play) or read on for alternative ways to view your balance. 


How do I view my balance on my meter or In Home Display (IHD)?

If you have a SMETS1 smart meter (the one with a keypad), press 7 on the meter’s keypad to see your balance. You can also press 5 on your meter to see how much debt you have left.


For SMETS2 smart meters (which has 2 buttons on the electricity meter and 3 buttons on the gas), such as our Aclara electricity or Flonidan gas smart meter, your balance will always display on your IHD home screen and on the screen of the meter itself. 


How do I change the default view of my IHD so it shows my balance?


Press the Menu button in the bottom right of the screen and select Settings. You can change the view of your home screen by selecting Home Screen. This will give you 4 different layouts to choose from. Use the left and right arrows to scroll through the options, including one which shows your balance.


Why is my IHD balance different from my app balance? 


The app balance gets updated once a day after midnight. If you've used energy since midnight or if you've topped up since the time your energy balance updated on your app, then your app balance will be out of date. 

If your meter isn’t communicating with us, then your balance won't update in the app. But the IHD will communicate from your meter throughout the day to stay up to date.


Can I check the balance directly on my meter?


This depends on the type of meter you have. A SMETS1 (the one with a keypad) or a SMETS2 (which has 2 buttons on the electricity meter and 3 buttons on the gas).


If you have a SMETS1

  • Press 7 on the meter to see your credit

  • Press 5 to check your debt balance


If you have a SMETS2

  • You’ll always see how much credit you have on your In-Home Display (IHD) screen, rather than on the meter itself


Troubleshooting issues with PAYG Smart and your SMETS1 meter


Do I have a SMETS1 or SMETS2 meter? How can I tell the difference?


A SMETS1 meter has a meter keypad with numbers, and a red and blue A and B button. 


If you have a SMETS2 smart meter, it’ll just have the 2 red and blue buttons, but no keypad. 


Why isn’t my top up showing on my meter or IHD?


It’s normal for smart meters to lose signal from time to time, just like mobile phones. This means it might take longer than usual for your top-up to show up as energy credit. It shouldn’t take more than an hour to see your top-ups on your meter, but you can always add them manually too. Read on for more info. 


How do I top up my SMETS1 meters manually?


After making a payment, it takes up to 30 minutes (for electricity) and 60 minutes (for gas) for the money to show on your meter. If it doesn’t, you can give it a little push.


For this, you’ll need the 20-digit code on your PayPoint receipt. This is why it’s always best to keep your receipts safe.


  • Press on your gas or electricity meter

  • Enter the code from your receipt

  • Tap B to confirm and it’s all done!


If you top up online or via your app, PayPoint will either email them to you or send them via text.


If you’ve lost power and your top-up takes your balance above £0, your meter will start doing safety checks. If it detects gas, the power won’t switch on, so make sure all gas appliances are off before trying to reconnect. If the meter has disconnected, you can reconnect it by pressing AAB (SMETS1) or holding and B at the same time (SMETS2).


Why did my SMETS1 meter cut out without using emergency credit first? 


1. Activate your emergency credit using your IHD

When your balance drops below £5, your IHD will flash and tell you that you can activate the emergency credit. If you don’t, it’ll then flash again when your balance is below 50p:


  • Navigate to the main menu

  • Click on Account

  • Press the  emergency credit button


(You’ll find more detailed information on what to do in your IHD booklet.)


2. Activate your emergency credit using your meter:

  • Press the 7 on the keypad

  • You’ll see a message saying EC OFFER – tap A to accept the emergency credit or B to ignore

  • Then tap B to confirm

  • By pressing 7 you’ll see whether the credit has been activated – it’ll tell you EC SELECTED


Troubleshooting issues with PAYG Smart and your SMETS2 meter


Do I have a SMETS1 or SMETS2 meter? How can I tell the difference?


You can tell if you’ve got a SMETS1 meter, as it will have a meter keypad with numbers, and a red and blue A and B button. 


If you have a SMETS2 smart meter, it will just have the 2 red and blue buttons, keypad. 


Why isn’t my top up showing on my SMETS2 meter or IHD?


Smart meters can stop communicating with us for a number of reasons. If your top-up hasn't appeared on your meter, follow the instructions below to add your credit manually.. 


How do I top up my SMETS2 meters manually?

There are 2 ways:


1. Using your IHD – this is the easiest and fastest way:

  • Tap the menu icon at the bottom right of the screen

  • Press Top-Up

  • Choose the fuel you want to top up

  • Press OK

  • Enter your PayPoint code

  • Tap OK

  • The IHD will then confirm that your money has been added to your meter


2. Using your meter

For electricity:

  • Press A on your meter until you see Enter Top Up Code

  • Press and hold A to begin typing 

  • Enter your code using the A and B buttons to navigate through the digits

  • Press and hold B when complete

  • The meter will show you one of these messages: Top Up accepted or Invalid

  • Press A to continue


For gas:

  • Press C on your gas meter to enter the menu

  • Using and B, scroll to Prepayment and press C

  • Tap A and B until you see New Payment

  • Press to select it

  • Use A and B to enter your code

  • Tap C again


If you’ve lost power and your top-up takes your balance above £0, your meter will start doing safety checks. If it detects gas, the power won’t switch on. If the meter has disconnected, you should be asked to press any button following a top-up to trigger a reconnection.


Why did my SMETS2 meter cut out straight away without warning? Where is my emergency credit?


1. Activate your emergency credit using your IHD:

If your balance drops below £5, the IHD will tell you that your emergency credit is available:

  • Press the menu button

  • Tap E-Credit

  • Select the fuel you want emergency credit for (gas or electricity)

  • Press OK

  • The IHD will confirm your request

  • You’ll see Emergency credit in use next to the fuel you’ve added it to


2. Activate your emergency credit using your meter


For electricity:

If your balance goes below £0, your meter will say EMC available:


  • Press A to cancel or B to activate it

  • You should now see 2 emergency credit balances. The first is how much emergency credit you have left and the second shows how much has already been accepted

  • If you select the emergency credit, you’ll see an EC sign on the display at the bottom-right corner


For gas:

  • Press any button on your gas meter to wake up the screen

  • If you have any emergency credit available, you’ll see an EC logo on the screen, next to the signal bar icon

  • Press C to enter the menu and B to scroll to Prepayment

  • Tap C to enter

  • Press B to scroll down to the Emerg. Credit option, then C to enter

  • If the status says Available, press C to accept the £5 emergency credit (you should hear a beep sound and the status should change to In-Use)

  • You can check your emergency credit balance by going through the same menu options until you see Limit and Remaining

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The new app is terrible. Who ever made to decision to change the old system needs the sack. It simply doesn’t work. Online energy is supposed to be easy, the new system just complicates everything. I will be leaving boots

@Tim_Boost Hi there, it appears to be solid on gas meter, still no update to app from 16th May or showing top up I did on gas on 17th May, although phoned Customer Services who  said that they had recieved top up at their end, and I have receipt, to be honest I felt they were not actually listening when I tried to explain, and interrupted when I was trying to explain.


Not showing on recent top on IHD either, was all fine until 16th May, 


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Just to update the thread. I’ve been sent an email asking me to call them back to sort out the issue, as they still dont see the problem at their end.

I Phoned the 0117 number at 10am this morning, and was on hold for an hour, then got told no one was ahead of me. It rang. Then it hung up

I tried again, but didn’t want to wait an hour, so used their call back service… which says it will hold your place in the queue. This was at 11.12am


By 5pm, I had no call back. So I called them on a different phone. Got put in a queue behind 47 people. 5.35pm they tell me no one is ahead. It rings. Someone picks up. Call disconnects.


I really hope everyone else in this thread manages to get more out of this than I have, because I’m just trying to give the idiots the money they expect me. If my service was affected and I couldnt get my gas or electric, this would be much worse. Back in a queue with 27 people again now. After lines close tonight, I’m done. I’m literally only calling now to raise a complaint and have one last attempt to fix this nonsense. After that, no more contact… and I’m not leaving, may as well stay here and get free gas.


EDIT: Finally got through. “sorry sir, second line teams have gone home for the weekend now. You’ll have to call back monday”

So I explained my whole complaint, and asked it be filed formally. “Ok sir, please wait 2-3 minutes and I will file it, and then transfer you to the resolution team”

And then she hung up. F**K off. I’m done.

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OK. Got fed up of the support team. So I went investigating. Despite being told everything is fine, even though its not, and then them blaming poor signal, my house layout, me being on the wrong pay monthly account etc... I have found the issue myself. Here is my tariff on the metre.



Some clown put an extra 0 in it. So my standing charge is 0.036 instead of £0.36, and kwh is 0.00316 instead of £0.0316


Thats why I'm using 11p a day instead of £1.10. My bill for 2 weeks has been 10% what it should be. I looked into my account and figured that out in 5 minutes, why have the tech team looked at it for 2 weeks and still not seen it.


The complaint is with upper management now, they're calling to fix it on Monday. But I hope I get paid a technicians bonus, for wasting 2 weeks of my time and it only being fixed when I went and looked into it myself. 

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Thanks for this info, @RobinY. Just to amend my previous comment, to work out if the gas meter and the electric meter are talking to each other (which they do via the ‘Home area network’, HAN):


 Is there a HAN connection?

The best way to check HAN is on each of the components that connect to the HAN. 


If any of these symbols are missing from the respective components then it indicates they are not connected to the HAN. 

In addition, on the comms hub, the HAN or GAS light may be flashing every second or not at all if there is an issue with the HAN. A medium flashing HAN light on the comms hub (5 flashes, pause and repeat) indicates a HAN set up and connected with devices. 


If it looks like an issue with the HAN, our support team will be able to help: 0330 102 7517 (0117 370 1041 from a mobile). 


@psychoduck really good to hear YOU’VE found out this issue, and now it’s a complaint with a manager. Nice problem solving there, and as I’ve said (and you’re probably sick of me saying it), really sorry to hear about your experience calling up. Please make sure this feedback is passed on as part of your complaint, as this is how we can grow and improve. Would love to hear the latest on this when it’s resolved!

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@Tim_Boost got called by a senior customer service team member. I explained the issue to them, and the reason that they are only charging 10%

She's passed it on to the tech team, give me £10 compensation credit, and I can expect to hear from the tech team in 1-2 working weeks, as she is unable to alter the tariff herself.


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The snapshot is of zero use. 

It turns up half way through the day, so when does the 24hr window before you disconnect period start, if you run out of credit during the day?

On the old app it was made clear. When does it start in this new one? Is it from the time of the snapshot or the time it was received?


Why am I only getting a 'snapshot' for electricity and not gas? 

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Thanks @psychoduck - good to hear that tariff will be getting changed, and you’ve had those service shortfalls acknowledged :)


Hi Duncan, 


That snapshot should be at midnight, at the start of the day. Your meter and IHD are live, they talk to each other in real time (every 30 minutes with the gas meter), but the meter send us your usage info at the end of every day, which is when the app updates. 


If your snapshot happens later, it might be that the midnight data is sent at midnight, but isn’t reflected on the app till later in the day. I’ve heard this happen, but only by something like 5am or 6am. So when most people wake, the midnight snapshot is live. Could you check the meter communication signal for us?


What is WAN (Wide Area Network) for a Secure Liberty smart meter?


WAN allows an electricity smart meter to send/receive data (such as meter readings) securely through the S1 Communications Hub. It uses a roaming SIM that works on 2.5G to do this - the same kind of data network your mobile phone uses. If you have good 4G signal but no 2.5G in your area, the meter will have no WAN.



This LED light represents if there is a WAN connection. It will also indicate how strong this connection is by flashing between 1 - 5 times before pausing.

  • 5 flashes indicates the strongest WAN connection
  • 1 or 2 flashes indicates weak WAN connection
  • Solid light indicates there is no WAN


Is there a WAN connection for an Aclara S2 smart meter?

These are the lights on the comms hub for SMETS2 found on the electricity meter:


Lights on the communications hub

What lights are flashing and how often? - Please note that this is very different to SMETS1

Low - every 5 seconds - everything is fine here
Medium - every 3 seconds - searching for connectivity  
High - every 1 second -  connectivity issue
Off - connectivity issue


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Tim, I don't have an IED.


I've been cut off twice now with out warning. Once during the disconnect period - 7:15pm Friday and just now. My meter had credit in it this morning and has just disconnected. I can't sit by meter every day waiting for it to run out of credit.


Why is this happening? 

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Tim, you didn't answer why I am not getting a gas snapshot?

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I've been cut off twice now with out warning. Once during the disconnect period - 7:15pm Friday and just now. My meter had credit in it this morning and has just disconnected. I can't sit by meter every day waiting for it to run out of credit.


Why is this happening? 



Definitely request an IHD of you have your metres in a place where you can have the IHD on display near them. 


The IHD updates constantly and is definitely better than relying on the abysmal app. It won't guarantee you great service, but will hopefully give you a better idea of your balance.


For what it's worth, as I'm no expert, my gas metre didn't give me a reading on my app until it connected to an IHD. My first 24 hours only showed electric on both, but when the IHD connected it showed up with gas.


I don't think the IHD is essential, but it certainly helped me. The IHD (and Tim on here) have probably been the only things of any use since the changeover. 

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I've ordered one. My priority is to stop Boost cutting me off with zero notice.

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I've ordered one. My priority is to stop Boost cutting me off with zero notice.


@DuncanPoundcake if you are able to get through to the customer service team, ask them to raise your complaint. You'll get a call back within 48 hours.


Point out that your loss of service has negatively effected you, any sort of issues it has caused (for example my last power cut happened during a Windows update on my laptop and I had to rollback and reinstall, took a whole day to correct), and make sure that you point out that the reasons for the fuel cut outs are because they have not provided you with an adequate service and way to manage and check your balance.

You should be entitled to compensation, which won't be a definite fix for the cut outs. But at least if you get 10 pound balance for free on each account it should last a couple of days without a chance of disruption whilst you wait for the IHD. 

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I did all that over the weekend by phone and email.

Why are you disconnecting me?

Phone: "I don't know".

Email: 'To be honest, we don't know why it happen'.



These were their answers. I couldn't get a straight answer to anything I asked.

I was promised a call by the Escalation Team for Monday. They didn't ring.

Boost South Africa haven't a clue. But no doubt they are poorly paid and trained and this is the result.


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My in home display hasn’t worked since it was installed. I have tried several times to call customer service and have been put on hold or the call just gets rejected. No idea how much im spending and have been cut off twice because there is no way to check the balance. Awful service. The balance on the new terrible app is out of date by about 2 days and i have no idea why the old app was ditched as it seemed to show an up to date balance and worked ok. Time for U Switch i feel. Not that this unprofessional outfit will care. 

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Hi @DuncanPoundcake 


To request an IHD, please fill out this form to order yours. In the meantime you will need to rely on the meter balance which is in real time, or the app, which is delayed. Did you say you can’t see your gas meter balance on the app?


Non disconnect periods start at 8pm-8am, so if you run out of credit and emergency credit before 8pm, you risk being disconnected. 


@Mattf let’s diagnose why that IHD isn’t showing your balance. I’ve taken some info from another topic on a similar issue. 


If you get smart meter fitted, the engineer who fits them should provide an IHD and open up the smart meter network, pairing the IHD there and then. If you’re sent an IHD, you need to call us when you’re next to your IHD, so that a Support agent can open that smart meter and work with you to get the device paired. If this hasn’t been done yet, give us a call when you can: 0330 102 7517. 


See this tutorial video here:



If you’ve already spoken to our Support team to try and get this paired, and it just won’t connect, we’ll need to know why. To help the Support team work out why the IHD isn’t connecting, we need you to do some checks, which you can provide to the team via email:


1. Are the Meter Serial Numbers (MSNs) correct?


We first need to make sure that the meter(s) we are dealing with are correct (mistakes can sometimes be made, meaning the wrong MSN is listed on an account).


Where can I find the serial number on a smart meter?


Electricity meter:

The MSN for an electricity smart meter can be found to the left of the keypad. It will begin with 14P, 15P, 16P, etc.


Gas meter:

The MSN for a gas smart meter can be found directly below the keypad. It will begin with G4P and end with 1400, 1500, 1600, etc.


2. Is there a WAN connection?


Check the electricity meter and confirm what the LED light labelled 'WAN' is doing.


If the light is flashing, the meter has WAN. Please check how many times the light flashes between pauses.

One flash between pauses means very low signal, five means great signal. If the light is solid, there's no WAN.


Here are a list of questions you may be asked, if your meter has no or poor WAN:


  1. How strong is the mobile phone signal next to your meter?
  2. Is there anything metallic in the way of the meter which could be moved?
  3. If the meter has something metallic blocking the signal - for instance a mirror or an ironing board - then moving this may solve the problem.
  4. Is your electricity meter in a metal box (e.g a metal meter cupboard)? 
  5. Is your electricity meter in a basement, or is it partially enclosed (e.g in a closed cupboard under the stairs)?


3. Is there a HAN connection?


To check gas connectivity, we need to find out whether your gas smart meter is connected to the Home Area Network (HAN).


What is the word 'HAN' doing on the screen of the gas meter?

  • Check the digital screen on the gas smart meter. The word HAN will be in the bottom corner.
  • If the word HAN is solid, the gas meter is connected to the HAN so there is no gas meter connectivity issue.


4. Are the meter(s) commissioned?


In order for either meter to be able to communicate with us, it needs a WAN connection and it needs to have been commissioned.

How do you know if the smart meter(s) have been commissioned?

  • Press '0' on the meter's keypad. (This applies for both the electricity and gas.)
  • If a meter has been commissioned correctly, the meter display will begin to cycle through various screens; starting with the date and time.
  • If a meter has not been commissioned, displayed on the screen will be 'COMMISSION - YES OR NO'. (This will be abbreviated.)


Please include a link to this topic so the advisor can see this IHD screenshot!

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'Non disconnect periods start at 8pm-8am', so if you run out of credit and emergency credit before 8pm, you risk being disconnected.'

This now contradicts what I was told yesterday by Ed in the Boost chat. He said 10am-4pm was disconnect period. Which one is it?

The point being I don't sit next to my meter all day and Boost has removed the ability for me to check on the app what my balance is and judge when to top up. 




Why is this so difficult to understand??


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I am currently in this position, I have credit on my app (top up confirmed, yet 0.27p on emergency credit! I have already been cut off twice on 6 days due to no credit and account swap over. I’m fed up, disgusted. I don’t have hrs on end to try and call in the be “cut off” or on hold whilst they try and figure what is going off. its simple Your network is not talking to my metre, 2 yrs of this now and nowhere! 
as for the app, do not get me started, not updated balance in 6 days, cannot see my my balance in app or online (don’t exist online)
I now have to seek other advice elsewhere (Ofgem/CA) to get out of this mess

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What's even more annoying is my original post In this forum has “Been Removed” for some reason. 

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Good move. I'm off to the regulator to. This has gone way beyond unacceptable.

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Hi @FluffyBeard just an FYi that I’ve replied to your other post with an essay of a response, check it out here


'Non disconnect periods start at 8pm-8am', so if you run out of credit and emergency credit before 8pm, you risk being disconnected.'

This now contradicts what I was told yesterday by Ed in the Boost chat. He said 10am-4pm was disconnect period. Which one is it?



Hi @DuncanPoundcake - ahh OK, the friendly credit period does start at 10am on Mondays. For Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, it’s 8am. Unless this has been temporarily adjusted. I’ll check with Ed and come back. 


As you mention, the solution here is to keep the meter topped up, rather then relying on friendly credit periods. So let’s get that done for you. You should have an app and an In Home Display that shows your balance, making it easier then checking the meter itself. 


I can see you’ve both mentioned going to Ofgem or the regulator. Please be advised that you do have the full support of the Energy Ombudsman, as an option to resolve your complaint. However if the issue has been raised within 8 weeks, they will ask for a deadlock letter to be issued by Boost Power to take on the case. 


Our Complaints team will be able to issue you with this, although they may have a very good go at getting everything resolved for you first. Please request this directly over the phone to minimise a delay: 0330 102 7517 (0117 370 1041 from a mobile). 


Very hopefully you get things resolved,


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Tim, I don't have an IHD. If Boost were interested in their customers, they would have ensured I had one and it was set up and working before kicking me off PAYG+.


Yes being in credit is the obvious solution but what you don't factor in is how important being able to know when you were cut being cut off and how to use the credit periods if you are struggling financially. No doubt that was meant as a well-meaning comment but it's also an ignorant one. If you're on a tight but budget, trying to eek out your money, Boost has just made your life a whole lot harder.


I was assured by Customer Services twice, that the Escalation Team would ring me on Monday. They didn't and still haven't. 


I have already had a very good go at getting everything resolved via Customer Services and they were utterly useless and either refused to answer a straight question or told me they didn't know and to ring back. So no, I won't be ringing them again.


I've already taken Boost to the Ombudsman successfully in 2019.

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Thanks for this reply, @DuncanPoundcake


I totally understand and appreciate your comments about how important it is to know your balance, especially when you’re near or in your emergency credit. We’ll need to get an IHD sent out to you as part of this complaint resolution. 


The only thing to call out is that the Ombudsmen may ask for a deadlock letter unless the issue was raised more then 8 weeks ago. I’m saying this only to avoid you having a delay in getting it resolved. More info on our complaints process here


Really hope this gets sorted for you quickly,


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@Tim_Boost Yet again 3rd time this week I’ve been cut of and had to call in again. I’m on my second top up card number!
Funny thing is each time i have had to do this I've had diff answers each time, with diff results. The app in kind words should be removed until patched and fully working. No dev of an app would release it knowing its full of bugs and bad all round. As an old school Java app dev myself, no way would I do this to the users of an app.
Non of my numbers work, I’m on my second, just spent an hr getting my power back on. The top up number of 20 digits did not work (the one on my receipt) tried it twice as instructed, the lass had to give me a number they generated for the same amount and had to send my email of receipt to her to remove it from the debt. Surely this is not how we consumers are to proceed for the foreseeable future?, as a night worker I can’t keep doing this!
I am not about to keep chucking money onto this thing if it doesn't work, I am not rich, i top up what i need no more, always have. I would much rather have the hassle of going 4 miles away and using the damn key again to top up, but i can’t, you don’t keep the old economy 7 meters anymore.

You keep talking about an IHD, I had one from previous it doesn't work, for some reason no one can talk to my meter correctly and making your call handlers understand this each and every time is not funny. I’ve spent countless hrs passing info about my meter, its setup etc, I’ve had the engineer out, which turns out its bad install but no one is listening anymore, all I get is meter resets!
And i am still waiting on the complaints dept. to call me from Monday as well!

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Feel your pain Fluffy. Cut off for a third time this week. My electricity snapshot has me in credit. Power of at 10am.


You're absolutely right. If you've on a tight budget, you top up no more than you have to. Flippant comments about always having credit really don't wash.


My Gas snapshot, hasn't turned up today. Am in credit? Am I about to be cut off? Who knows!


Do you get the feeling they really don't want non-direct debit customers on their books