APP UPDATE - View your Smart PAYG balance online

APP UPDATE - View your Smart PAYG balance online

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No meter doesn't look like that

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Ok, new day, new issues.

My IHD now shows my credit accurately (hooray)
My App shows my credit, as of midnight that morning (bit crap, but at least it works I guess)

I had £15.68 credit in Electric, £16.72 in Gas.

I used £2.60 Electic. it went to £13.08.  No issues.
I apparently used just 11p in Gas. Today, so far I have used 6p (despite heating being on, and obviously having a standing charge)

I still have £16.55 in Gas, if i go through my IHD options and go to top ups, it confirms I have made a top up on Electric, but says none on Gas (despite it being £10 more, so it did accept it)… and now it keeps giving me an alert to let me know that ‘Friendly Gas service is active’

Which, having never had it before, I have had to search to find out that it’s the term for your emergency credit and I will be racking up a debt for this? You’re clearly undercharging me, you’re clearly not charging me the standing charge, and your gas service is clearly screwing something up for me if it knows I have £16 but thinks I need emergency credit.

So how do I fix this now? preferably without calling and being put on hold for an hour and being hung up on. thanks


EDIT: Also, I was told I could see my account on the website and top up there too… I cant. If I log in to my account, it keeps telling me im on PAYG+ now, and that I need the new app. I literally cant view anything but that page, no matter what I click.

So I guess thats another service removed by this brilliant upgrade.

I've just read that i need to keep the IHD within 7 yards of the meter, how the heck am i supposed to that? i live in an old council house and the bathroom is down stairs, i have a tiny space between the bathroom, stairs and living room, my only option is upstairs in the bedroom, no wonder it doesnt work, i think this new system is ridiculous the old app was fine and never had any problems.  Why have you changed it to this new so call smart pay as you go?

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Why have you changed it to this new so call smart pay as you go?

 During a previous thread of all the complaints about moving to the new 'smart' plan, it was very much hinted that the reason was because the old format was expensive to run (don't know if that's the tech team and the app support required, or if it was accounts team using more resources to work with one bill instead of splitting them) do a new app was needed, that would be easier to manage payments for customers and streamline everything.


The new app is cheap, and not fit for purpose, and clearly made by the people who make the TV license app...its the same layout, icons and everything. So instead of an app designed for a service, it's a generic app running alongside the service provided by Boost. So it needs to be simple to avoid complications... And it's still not managed to do it.


Someone from the team admitted on the phone before, and on here too I think, that they don't like the new app because they've got to retrain to work with it. Which must have a cost attached... So who knows how much cheaper this app is to run as a service, instead of the older one, but it must be a lot if they can change to save money and don't mind retraining staff and annoying a whole group of customers

My balance on my app is totally wrong example according to the app as of 12.00 11/5/2021 my electric balance was £9.43 but when I checked the meter my actual balance was £11.51 same problem with the gas, the app is totally useless and I am still waiting for my IHD.

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Thanks for outlining this in so much detail, @psychoduck - this really helps give me a chance of offering some actually useful info. :)


You need to use this URL, and the same log in details, to access your Smart PAYG account online:


If you can access the app using those login details, and top up etc, you can do it on the browser version. 


As for your gas meter balance, there’s a chance that the meter hasn’t been able to communicate your meter readings to the electricity meter (via the ‘Home Area Network’ HAN), which would then send this to us via the ‘Wide Area Network’ (WAN). If this happens, we don’t get sent your usage info and your balance isn’t deducted as a result. See the gas meter display screen and look for a HAN - is it flashing or solid (you need to wake up the screen by pressing a button). 


That doesn’t explain why it’s suggesting your gas meter would be in emergency credit. But ‘Friendly Gas Service’ would be the non disconnect setting that’s in place for all smart meters whenever our Support team is closed. So that’s 8pm-8am on weekdays, and this non disconnection period is also on Saturday and Sunday. 


@KimS yes it can be a pain to use the IHD to see your balance when your smart meter isn’t near an area of the home that’s convenient. But that's why we also show the balance on your app, which lets you see a snapshot from first thing that day, which you can see anywhere on your phone or PC. 


@Jules10 this is an odd one, as I’d always expect the actual real-time balance to be slightly lower then that showing on the app (unless you’re an eager beaver checking it just at midnight). I just can’t think of how this is possible, with the app balance being based on your smart meter usage, via your readings. The same thing that the balance on the smart meter display uses. Are you able to flag this to our Support team: 0330 102 7517. 


Keen to hear what the cause of that is, and if it relates to what @psychoduck is reporting with their gas meter….

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@Tim_Boost I’ve been to my metre, which is not easy at all… part of the reason I dont like the new account is that I can see me needing to look at the metres far more often, which is really hard for a disabled person when the metre is behind furniture that needs moving, and also on the floor so I need to get right down to read it.

Anyway, there is no ‘HAN’ flashing or otherwise on my gas metre screen, so I pressed ‘c’ and went through the options, and found the HAN menu, which let me know that the HAN is connected.

I added an extra £5 to the account, see if that would kick start something, but nothing changed. My IHD now reads £21, the metre itself reads £21 (and shows I have £5 EMC, and it is not being used), and my gas is still on after the friendly time frame as the heating has just come on. My IHD is claiming I’ve used 3p so far for GAS, and in total yesterday was 11p again.

There’s obviously some connection, because both IHD and Metre match each other, and update identically at the same time. This is all very familiar to what happened with me at Scottish Power. They kept charging me 5p a day, I kept reporting it, asking for help, and they insisted it was not an issue and would sort itself out and I didn’t need to do anything. Then they suddenly decided I’d been using £5 a day (my actual use was £1-ish) and as it had been 2 years, I got a bill for £3500 which they ‘graciously’ lowered to £2500. I had to go court to have that fixed (I’d paid my actual bill, because I was still topping up my usual amount). I don’t feel great that I left Scottish Power over that issue, joined OVO, and got moved to boost, and now 4 years later I’m getting a very similar issue.

I’m sorry but this new app is absolutely terrible,the old one was 100 times better,since switching to this not fit for purpose app I’ve had my electricity cut off twice,never happened before once on the old better system,useless is being nice

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So I am really unimpressed with this app.

Got changed over with no support.

I ordered an IHD in March and still have not received one. I have updated and uninstalled the app numerous times and still cannot see my balance.

I have phoned repeatedly waiting for hours only to be hung up on.

I am not happy.

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Thanks for doing those checks, @psychoduck - if your gas meter balance updated following that £5 top up, it shows the gas meter is connected to the electric meter via the HAN, and that we can communicate with both via the WAN. That’s good news. What’s got me confused is why your usage isn’t being deducted. 


The fact that you can see your meter balance tells me the meter probably is in the correct prepayment setting, but I’d like to make sure. Now is not the time for guesswork. Would you be able to give us a call when at home to get this checked: 0330 102 7517 (0117 370 1041 from a mobile)?


@Meggie21 what a pain to hear that In Home Display hasn’t arrived yet, not to mention your call getting disconnected. Fill out this form to order yours one more time. I’m also aware of some issues calling our 0330 number. 0117 370 1041 has worked for those effected. But fill out that form to save yourself having to call, although the team are in both days of this weekend if you need help or advice that we can’t offer here. :) 

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@Tim_boost gave the team a call, got told to reset my IHD… that did nothing (as expected) was then told that someone will keep trying to connect and I should wait and see what happens over the weekend because it can take 3 days for it to connect correctly. Even then it clearly IS connected. Someone will monitor it and call me on Monday.


So I’m guessing they have no idea whats up either, and I shall be waiting for a phone call that never comes. Much like all the times I had issues with the IHD never being set up correctly when that was first sent out.


Its a bit concerning really that the people in charge of billing me don’t know why they are not billing me correctly/

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Thanks for calling and updating us with the latest, @psychoduck


Yep as you mention, it does sound like the IHD is connected, and this goes beyond the IHD if the actual smart meter balance (seen on the smart meter screen) isn’t being deducted with your usage. 


The good news is you’ve got this thread, and the Boost support team on hand to get this sorted, and unlike your experience with your old supplier, that means we won’t let things get to the point they did before. 


So it’s been another 3 days, what’s the gas meter balance reading as? Any usage deductions at all?

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@Tim_Boost no change really. The IHD started showing zero balance for both accounts, so I rebooted it which fixed it, but still the same thing now. Using 11p, every day.


My total usage had been about £3.67 on the shared bill, now its split it totals about £3, so the standing charge and whatever else seems to be about a 70p undercharge

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Oh, also, as I never got a call back I tried calling the 011 number you gave us… it goes to OVO energy, who cant do anything with a PAYG account, and can only help with pay monthly, and they ask you to call the 033 number instead, which I’ve just done… and I’ve got 254 people ahead of me!

So I’m not going to get the service today. I definitely wont get my call back.

I appreciate you said that what happened with the previous company wont happen with you. but you’re doing the exact same stuff. Having a forum team who cant do anything (technical side) besides ask you to reset displays, and then having the actual technical support team be a team that you need to be forwarded to, which can only happen when and IF you manage to actually get through to customer service who are forever claiming lines are busy, and never actually honour the call back service.


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Ahh this is not right, @psychoduck - some but not all of your usage being taken. Very strange indeed. We will get it sorted, together. 


So sorry to hear about these long phone wait times, when you called the Boost number. We did see longer then usual wait times yesterday as lots of people called in after a weekend (although we’re now open to calls 7 days a week to try and avoid this). We do offer a call back feature to save you having to hang around on hold. 


About that OVO contact number, I’m really sorry that was my mistake. The correct Boost numbers to use are: 0330 102 7517 (0117 370 1041 from a mobile). My mistake!

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I’ve now gone and updated all mentions of that wrong number - thanks for letting me know this!

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Managed to finally get through to someone last night after a near 2 hour wait, who told me the following.

My metre is working fine. My IHD is fine. Everything is connected. There are zero issues.

I asked why my balance was not being adjusted, and got told that it was because my Gas was now no longer on PAYG Smart, and was instead on pay quarterly and run by OVO. When I queried this, as it was on PAYG+ until Boost changed the account to ‘smart’, I was told it was a simple mistake and will be corrected right now.

I was put on hold, for another 15 minutes, whilst this person went into the system and changed it to a PAYG account, and was told that the Gas will now be used properly, and my balance will be adjusted for the gas already used as part of a quarterly contract I had with OVO (I have no contract). This will take 2-4 hours, and by tomorrow (Today) my metre will be working normally, and balance adjusted properly.

I’ve just checked my metre. No changes to balance, and for today, so far, I've used 3p.

I dont mind being charged 3p. Keep doing it. But I will not pay any contract fee you’ve forced me on to with OVO, and I will not be happy to pay any debt I accrue with yourselves whilst you constantly screw  this up. (not you personally, at least you're trying to help)

EDIT: Oh, and I’ve also just been informed/reminded by my wife. When you changed us onto the Smart Metre Gen 2 a couple of years ago, you forgot to activate a standing charge, and claimed our bill was right when we queried why our usage was less than £3 a day for both fuels. 4 Months later, you attached a £1 a day charge to our account to collect £70 in unpaid standing charges. So this has happened with Boost before, and at the time then we were given £50 free credit as an apology for the delay in fixing the issue, and a further £50 later (as a cheque) due to poor quality service as a means of compensation. Which paid off the £70, and gave us a bit extra. Which is certainly better than what Scottish Power did, but not great that its happening again.

Just like everything else with you guys, this app is rubbish! Can’t top up, can’t get hold of anyone to help, probably going to be cut off by you AGAIN because YOU won’t let me top up! The sooner British Gas can get themselves here, the better. Definition of a joke.

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Ok, first of all, thanks for the new number. Got through in 30 seconds. That has never happened before, even before the ‘unprecedented level of demand’ caused by Covid restructuring. So thanks.

But after that, everything else is continuing to be awful. There was no change on my metre readings, as mentioned earlier. So I gave the new number a call, and explained to them exactly what was going. I have both fuel accounts, both topped up, both connected, both show on IHD and the App as updated… but I’m not being charged for gas, and it says friendly mode is active.

“No problem, sir. I can fix this. Give me two minutes” then the guy left, and came back to inform me that the reason for this, is because I have no top up card account attributed to my account.  I ask how this is possible, given that I’ve topped up and my electric is being used properly.

“I’m not sure sir, I do apologise. I’m going to add two new cards for you right now because I cant register your old numbers as they are already in use” … yes, of course they are, I’m bloody using them. Anyway, I asked if I would keep my money that I had topped up, or if getting new payment card accounts linked would lose the previous money associated with them.

“I’ll send an email sir, please reply with screen shots from the app showing your previous top ups and that they were successful. and also a screenshot of your balance” … so I did that, and he received them, and told me he would make sure any money owing would be transferred, and my account will now work 100% like its meant to. Are you sure, I asked him

“100% sir, I’ve got it all connected, its in the right mode. Everything here is exactly as it should be and I can see its all talking at your end like it should be. There is no reason for any problems now” thats a verbatim quote btw… anyway It was left there, I thanked him and hung up. its 5 hours later now, I checked my IHD to see my account.

He’s re-added my topups. So I’ve been given £20 Electric, and £15 for gas. For free! … and my gas is still not being used correctly! I dont know what he misunderstood in my very simple explanation of “You’re not charging me for the gas I’m using and I need you to make sure it’s set up right so I can give you money” but he clearly took it to mean “I’m adding money and it’s not counting, please give me that money again”

I’ll happily take it, I deserve it for putting up with this service… but will someone ever be able to figure out whats going on? who knows. For now though, I’m done phoning and asking. I’ll happily pay a total of 11p a day for gas..  £39.16 a year for gas, and I can have heating on 24/7 in winter. What an incredible service. I will happily stick with this now until its fixed, this is all on Boost. I’m not responsible. Boost have messed it up. I’ve done more than my fair share to get this fixed. Any debts accrued are Boosts responsibility now.

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Thanks for this update, @psychoduck. It’s tricky for me to comment either way on this as I don’t have access to the same systems that our adviser does.


Could you do one last thing in order to get this double checked? Could you send an email from the same email address as the one on your Boost account, and include this link, which takes the viewer to that comment of yours above mine? Just get them to look at the link and reply with an update. 



I’d really appreciate that!

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@Tim_Boost Ok, done as you asked. I’ll be back when I get an update.

My smart meter and app for my gas has not updated scince 16th May, and mot showing my you up from 17th May


 I phoned yesterday to enquire to be told that it should all be sorted by this morning and it hasn't been.

Any ideas? 



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ha. Well I did as you said, and got an email back asking me to explain the issue because they don’t understand what my problem is.

So now I’ve had to explain it all again, and have been told once more, someone will look at it within 48 hours and be in touch.

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OK, @Tim_Boost i give in. It's obviously some joke now. After having explained it 3 times, and linked the forum post.... I just got a reply apologising for the bad service, and giving me the link to the forum so I can get answers here, and asking me to log in and let them know what error code I get when trying to do so.


I've never said I have an error on the forum... And even if I did, they're sending me to a forum to post about an issue I have posting on a forum? That's fails to make sense on 2 whole different levels.


Meanwhile, in the 3 replies I have had (much quicker than 48 hours to their credit) not a single person has even acknowledged the issue I have stated at least a half dozen times... But instead just made up issues I have at least twice 

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Thanks for flagging this, @psychoduck. I’ve confirmed the names of two agents who sent you emails in the last few days. I want to pass on some feedback to their line managers about the importance of taking the time to understand the customer query. It must be very frustrating for you and I’m sorry. 


I’ll send you a private message with some suggested next steps. 


@RobinY thanks for posting as well, it sounds similar to @psychoduck in that it’s specific only to the gas meter and is showing on the meter and the app. Can you have a scan of this thread’s latest few comments and let me know if it’s similar? See this advice about the gas meter HAN: 


As for your gas meter balance, there’s a chance that the meter hasn’t been able to communicate your meter readings to the electricity meter (via the ‘Home Area Network’ HAN), which would then send this to us via the ‘Wide Area Network’ (WAN). If this happens, we don’t get sent your usage info and your balance isn’t deducted as a result. See the gas meter display screen and look for a HAN - is it flashing or solid (you need to wake up the screen by pressing a button).