A complaint about my non-communicating Smart Meters

  • 14 September 2021
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I have gone through the ombudsman to no avail with Boost complaint.


I changed over to boost some time ago now, they tried to set up a date to install new smart meters, we arranged a date they told me it would be between 8 am and 2pm, I explained I did not finish work until 2pm and would normally be home at 20 min past 2 could they fit me in at this time, I was told categoricity  no it has to be at the times stated and I would have to take time off work to fit in around the company set times, I told them to forget it and did not have meters installed.

I have been plagued by boost at every turn to have the new smart meters installed each time they called I was told I would have to take time off work in order for them to install meters as they would not work with me (The Customer).  I found my self unemployed for three month so called and arranged to have them installed.  Guess what they have not worked, the elctic neter will not connect to the smart box so I have no idea what electric I am using or what electric is on my accont. they told me on the 5th of July they would send out an engineer to sor it on a 17 day call out, they told me the same thing on the 5th August, we are now on the 14th September and still no engineer, I have made numerous phone calls to boost I have had web chats with them to no avail, the last web chat I had I was told if I want a call out I have to do it the day I call ?????… and I will have to explain it all to the next Person that takes my call ok.

I am at a loss as to how this company is still in business, the customer service team is astonishingley self riteous and oblivious to customer needs the worst absolute worst experience I have ever had the miss fortune to come across.  I have worked in customer service all my life and this is absolutely disgusting behaviour from any organisation.

I will be changing supplier

1 reply

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I’m so sorry to hear of your experience when getting a smart meter installed, @GaryO.


Whilst we do advise getting a smart meter installed as it offers greater flexibility and visibility in terms of your balance and topping-up, this does rely on us being in communication with the meters. I understand the frustration that your meters aren’t currently communicating with us and you’re not seeing the full benefits of going smart.


As you’ve mentioned raising a complaint, our complaints team will investigate the issues fully and be in touch to discuss a fair resolution. If we’re unable to offer you a resolution you’re happy with you’ll be issued a ‘deadlock’ letter after 8 weeks which would then allow you to escalate your complaint to the energy ombudsman for independent review.


I’m hoping this is resolved quickly for you.