Why have I received a letter saying "Boost have noticed you haven't topped up lately"?

  • 9 July 2021
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Anyone else received one? Very strange seeing as we topped up 5 days before letter date and also 2 days before.

We always top up large amounts twice a month. I'm concerned with the app switch over and if there's a delay in the payment information. I always use the online top up as hate the old method of going the shop to do it.

Anyone else received this letter?


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3 replies

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I wouldn't worry too much, it's when they ask you for money 😂😂

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Great question about the letter you’ve received, @Eyeflingpu - sounds like this could have been sent out before you made you latest top-ups.


As @aidy3663 has already reassured, it’s nothing to worry about. We’re just checking in case there’s any issues you’re having or extra support you might need, sounds like you’ve got things covered though.


In terms of the new app - the balance on your account will have been transferred and split between both meters. There’s more info on the change to PAYG Smart on our FAQs - let us know if this helps answer your concerns.


Have you managed to make a top-up via the new App yet? 

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Yeah top ups have been fine on the new app, my concern was the date of the letter as I'd made a payment 5 days previous to the date. 


Thanks for your replies tho feel a bit more at ease now