Why am I topping up so much now?

  • 28 January 2018
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I could understand it if I used my washing machine tumble dryer and cooker everyday and as I said nobody was in over the weekend and it still used my credit up when nothing was being used yes I know there is a standing charge but that itself wouldn’t use the bit of credit I had left , I don’t seem to be the only one complaining of topping up a lot
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@Nanasam53 I appreciate where you're coming from.

Daily standing charge should be coming to around £0.60p per day with our current rates, so this shouldn't be the thing that is using the majority of your credit.

It does sound like this appears to fall down to usage for, either, your gas and electricity. However, without being able to see your account and your usage, it would be difficult for me to be able to give you a direct answer on this.

It may be worth popping our team an email or a contacting us via Facebook here.

Hope this helps.
Yerr your defo not alone in thinking this either..... an believe me it's not down too usage whatsoever. .. I've used nothing different ... now check this out ... this is my usage BEFORE I was credited with my WARM HOME discount ... roughly £2 perday /give or take terr. ... I received my warm home discount £130 credit too my account and look at my usage every day since....IT'S DOUBLED near enough....Now I would like to go on the record and state that these figures are my DAILY USAGE CHARGES.....DAILY!!

Oh and did I also mention THIS IS ELECTRIC gas is with UTILITY still, total separate bill. I contacted support last week because once again I found myself without electricity and no way of topping up AGAIN.... just like I've found myself again today!! I have two children and I myself am disabled....I was told that the systems froze but someone will investigate my history and email me. A details usage breakdown. ... for example when my electric peaks so we can try solve what it literally using £5 A DAY ... but was not eating so much before WARM HOME DISCOUNT was credited... I'M STILL WAITING FOR THAT EMAIL. IN THE MEAN TIME I'M LOSING SUPPLY AGAIN AT 10a.m Nice one BOOST ...PIC below is before and after usage from when rwcieved my warm home discount

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Hi @cal1983 ,

You’ve been spending a little more at the moment, however this isn’t unusual. We expect customers usage to increase due to the cold and dark weather, which would mean you’re naturally spending more. Back in September last year it was a lot warmer and customer's won't spend as much as they do in January and February.

You're also on a variable tariff, and would've had a price increase back on the 1st April. Everyone was notified either by email or letter within 30 days to let them know.

We can offer many tips and support around making your home more energy efficient. A lot of customers find this to be really helpful in reducing the cost of energy:

We also work with a company called Center of Sustainable Energy who can also offer great advice. You can find out more at: