Why am I topping up so much?

  • 2 December 2017
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Updated on 12/03/2020

Since joining OVO my gas and electric have gone up. I’m practically topping every day, whereas with Eon, it was cheaper.


Best answer by Darran_Boost 4 December 2017, 12:22

Hey @Sue

Welcome to the Boost forum. I was hoping another user would step in and offer some advice or guidance (looking at you @Aadil or @B4xsy!!)

Anyway, check out this topic that Tim posted a few days ago. It may well help explain why you think you might be spending more than you were before the cold spell hit.

Hope this helps, if you have any other questions get posting or create a new topic. Make sure you search the forum from the homepage too, in case someone else has already asked it.


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28 replies

Agree. I wasn’t told that the charges would be higher than all the other companies so now paying more. 
also shocked that there’s no reprieve during covid on the standing charges as we are all locked in for 12 weeks with me recovering from cancer.  Seems only they are gaining profit but probably putting their staff on furlow. :thinking:

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I’ve moved your post here, @Izzielince, there’s lots of handy info in the above thread. 

The Winter Wallet balance should have automatically moved over to your main balance, if it hasn’t please reach out to the team, pop us a message here on Facebook:, or pop the team an email here:


Actually I would say it costs a lot more than £70 a month. Also - in the emergency credit period, it eats up a tenner in a day. I was on £1 a few hours ago and now I'm on -£4. This company is a con and I cannot wait to change. I will save hundreds of not thousands a year.

I am a young pregnant and vulnerable adult. 

Back in winter I found the winter wallet, and I decided to chip in about 60p a day to it for a few months. Then I couldn't afford it anymore, so I stopped chipping in. When I cancelled it I lost all the money I saved up (about £20-30) and never got it back. 

Now I am topping up over £70 a month. Actually, I can barely afford it so my mother pays for me most of the time. She can't really afford it herself but I need gas and electricity so we have no choice. 

My boyfriend has been charged just £68 since December for his gas and lec yet my family has to fork out such a huge amount of money just to cover me for a month. It's unbelievable.

Now I'm on £1 to last me. I tried topping up with my card since my mam can't afford it, but my card is not going through. I have checked it multiple times and all the details are right and I have enough money to top up. But it's not going through, so I'm going to be in cold and darkness for a while. 

I wanted to change services a long time ago but I don't know how, and I can't get anyone to do it for me due to the current state of affairs. 

I'm incredibly disappointed and I'm not looking forward to having no electricity.

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It’s a shame to hear you feel this way @Rachellouisegosling,


It would be interesting to hear more on this, whether you were signed up to us via a direct agent working for Boost or a 3rd party company. Boost would be very interested in hearing this in case there has been any sort of misrepresentation of their rates to customers.


Reach out to the Boost time about this, either via their Facebook page here, or by sending an email to


All the best,



I'm having hugh problems with them. Electricity has doubled in the last couple of months, in home metre is saying im using electricity when were all asleep and everything's turned off, used electricity even when I was away for a week. Sent me a comparison for my gas but not my electricity keep asking and keep getting sent an email saying thankyou for your  email please go to our forum for answers. Looks like I found my answer I'm not the only one being ripped off. I've asked them how can one day be £1.16 the next be £2.75 its not that variable a rate. Even have them on recording saying it shouldnt vary that much yet nothings being done. So angry its unreal im having to cut back on food for my kids to keep the gas and electric on.

I was conned into going with boost so say cheaper than utilita .I'm paying nearly 60 a week with boost .with utilita it was 40 a week so farewell boost you rip off

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Hi @RogueLestat - the message on your home screen telling you how many days this should last is a prediction, and not necessarily bang on. We’d always advise referring to your actual balance as an indication of when to top up.


140 pound credit and the app tells me this is only 26 days of energy. Last year with British gas 140 pound lasted over 5 months. 

What the hell Boost?

Is this a joke? Since I have moved with boost I have been paying this a month! I’m definitely switching this is ridiculous!

RIP off.

Paying huge amounts for nothing even when we are not there.

Why is it costing so much.

We don't have Internet dishwashers etc.

2 if us in our house and its costing £120 a month for gas and electric.


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Hi @Nanasam53,

I've just responded to your comment in another topic here:

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I’m topping up at £30 a week we weren’t in over weekend so thought I’d have enough till get paid today, I checked my credit only 25p left HOW when it wasn’t used over weekend. There’s only 3 of us in the house I’m paying on average £120 a month this cannot be right , I’ve got brand new boiler we don’t have water tank we gave showers not baths we do everything possible to save money it’s getting to point I can’t afford to top up when I rang up the other day the woman might as well of said ok leave then not very helpful at all I know you have a standing charge but this is just ridiculous the amount I’m paying
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Hey @Pops64, I've moved your post here, as I think you'll find all the information you need above ☝🏻

@B4xsy and @Sophie1983 might have some suggestions to help with your usage 🙂
HI everyone I am a new boost customer after switching from utilita and I am slightly concerned to say the least?
When I was with utilita my gas and electric combined was costing me around £15.00 per week living in a two bed flat I thought this quite expensive?

My son is with Boost and is always telling me to switch so last month I did but since I switched it is now costing me around £20.00 a week can anyone tell me if this is normal?
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Well when I started out an ovo customer things were great after a year I got my smart meter so at first things were excellent I can keep an eye on my money and my bills were much cheaper with ovo
Then after a couple of years I'm topping up nearly 10 to 15 pound more a week thank ever before and I have less on in my house
Before when I was saving money I had
3 snake vivs on all the time I had a bearded dragon Viv on I had 2 fish tanks a chamelion Viv on and a dog .now I have just 1 snake viv 1 bearded dragon 2 fish tanks that's it no other change to note not added any thing oh I also had a tv but now I don't so how could I be spending between 45 and 50 pound a week when before I was on 30to 40 a week
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I've just replied to your other comments about this here:

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@MarianStanden I've moved your comment over here as @Darran_Boost and @B4xsy have posted some helpful links!

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That's why they called boost. Its a rip off
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Thanks for the advise
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I'm glad it's just not me. That is noticing we are topping up more than usual
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i know there is some thing wrong im going to report them because i get no help over the phone thanks for your help

Have you tried the troubleshootingg steps suggested by @Tim_Boost if not I recommend giving them a go and if you still feel a fault with meter call them up and raise the issue with the customer care team (or via there online channels)
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i know there is some thing wrong im going to report them because i get no help over the phone thanks for your help
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Something not right there im using around £40/50 a month gas and electric@ripoff

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im topping up a minimum of 50 a week im all electric and only running 1 storage heater and a small oil radiator at night an still waiting for my smart meter what a rip off these big companies are and they if i want my meter looked at ive got to pay