Why am I topping up more during winter?

  • 16 February 2018
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Updated on 07/05/2020 - You can start saving early for these more expensive months with our Winter Wallet.





That’s a great question and one we hope to nail down here. The good news is our prices are compliant with the Ofgem price cap, meaning we're keeping them competitive for you. If you’re spending more, it’s likely because you’re using more energy, which is natural during winter but can make you feel like you are topping up a lot more than usual.

Here’s the average spend of a PAYG customer over a 12 month period.






You can see that for all PAYG customers, usage goes up in winter, in line with what we’d expect. The reason for this:





  • Everything is colder - Appliances use more energy to heat the water they use, your home takes longer to warm up, again using more energy. 🚿
  • Your home is also darker for longer - Lights are used much more often (energy saving light bulbs can definitely help here) 💡

This graph is a guide, some PAYG customers will use more, some will use less depending on the size of your home, the number of people living there, how well insulated it is, but hopefully this gives a bit more insight into your usage over a year.

We’d love to hear your views on this, does it make sense? Do you see this pattern over the year in your home?




43 replies

Twice I've raised questions through the app help and still no response!

Since installing your smart meter I'm paying more than £2.20/day on average where as before it was £1.50. 

I was assured there wouldn't be a change when clearly there is for whatever reason; I've been with the current supplier for over a year, go check how often and how much for yourselves.

I have been quoted cheaper rates elsewhere and switching Monday afternoon failing an appropriate response; come and collect your meter if you want it.

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@Stephen Kay I’ve moved your topic over here, as the messages above give some pretty good detail on what’s going on.


I’m sorry no one got back to you when you contacted us through the app. In future, you could call us on 0330 102 7517, email us at hello@boostpower.co.uk, or if you’d prefer, send us a message to our Facebook or Twitter pages.

I have done, and keep getting the same semi automated response about ‘It’s winter’ which still does not explain the sudden jump in the amount i’m having to top up since the Smartmeter was installed, except to add there was a price increase in October and i was notified in August, which I was not!
So again, you have all my information, you can look up my usage and analyze it as i have done.
Surely you can see when and how much i have been topping up over the last year since Boost took over my account, and provide a more informative response?

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Hey @Stephen Kay,


Well, hopefully one of Boost’s agents will reach out to you shortly with further information. It may be worth noting that Boost offers a single variable plan, of which recently increased at the beginning of October.

All customers are given 30 days notice of any change. This could account for increase in charges when very little change in energy usage has occurred.


Let us know how you get on,


Why am I having to top up £20 every 2 days since having a smart meter ? 

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Hi @Shelli - I’ve moved your post over here - the information above should be helpful!

Can someone please explain how my electric has nearly double these last few months I have emailed but haven't had a reply as of yet I live In a three bed with my three children 6,2,1 how am I spending this much I'm not using much more than I was back in July I have spent just over £52 in ten days 

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I’ve moved your post here, @Amy fittes, check out @Darran_Boost’s best answer!

Has anyone had abysmal costs on there prepayment meters? i am £35 to £40 a week! hein a one bedroom house hence the reason i am leaving boost 

Hello I haven't been with boost long but I'm finding I'm topping up more, and no-one is home during the day so no heating or a lot of electric is being used. I had a smart meter fitted when it went from ovo so wasn't sure if it was the meter or just the company which is expensive. I'm paying 64p a day standing charg so nearly£20 a month. I can't afford to keep topping up, I'm always getting emails saying my balance is low,and the app doesn't tell you exactly how much is on as it says excludes the last day usage. I need to look for a cheaper supplier, wasn't paying half as much on ovo.

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@Lors and @Danielles, I’ve moved your post over here as all the info here explains the reason for the higher usage at the moment.



I moved over to the smart metre on Friday and have since found i I’m putting nearly double the amount of what I put in before this. The customer service are adamant I’m not using more but I am. I’m really annoyed. Does anyone else feel the same ?? 

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Having smart meters doesn’t affect your rates, @Laurafitz1. You may not have been using our key when you had traditional meters, so you were on the wrong rates. Now you’ve got smart meters you’ll be charged correctly.


It’s also not unusual to spend more this time of year. Take a look at this topic for more info.


Absolute RIP off, switched 3 weeks ago bk to my old provider and can I tell the difference! Takes you ages get through to boost customer service when u attempt to ring them , cannot believe how much i was topping up every week/ month I dont know how u managed it but I'm glad u won't be getting anything else of me !

I have never paid as much for electric and gas before I am paying around £40 a week will be switching as I can not afford it 

I’ve used £150 in gas and eletric since the 1st of this month and I live on my own so how is this? Every switch is off unless I’m using it and all lights are off unless i need it on and the gas is always playing up but I’m still paying for it ? Wtf? 

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Hey @Frankie.taylor21,


Welcome to the forum!


I’ve moved your message over here, as this topic is relevant to your situation.


Have a look over the main post from @Darran_Boost, as there’s a bunch of useful information there.



I have both my gas and electricity on boost and I spend bout tenner more than the chart says