Why am I paying more than I expected for my energy?

  • 20 December 2017
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Updated 23/09/2020 - We’ve made a really handy FAQ around this here!

If you feel you’re using more energy than you expected, there could be several reasons:

  • Your appliances are using more energy than you realise.
  • It’s winter, and you’re using more energy than you did during the summer.
  • Some debt has built up on the meter.
  • You haven’t allowed for the 5% VAT or standing charges that we also take from the credit on your meter.

If you’d like to reduce the amount you spend on gas and electricity, it’s important to be aware of exactly how much energy you’re using. The best way to keep an eye on your energy use is to have a smart meter. To book check the availability in your area, please visit our website here! For some energy saving tips, check out our Forum topic here

9 replies

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@Aadil @B4xsy @mattj3135 - how do you guys keep a track of how much energy you're consuming?
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I used my in home display too work out what appliances use the most watts . I turned my boiler down too 60 and all rads up full costing me around £2 a day for both gas electric and standing charge 😊

go boost 👍
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Having lived on my own for 8 years I have my energy use down to a t, and know that on an average day I use around 4 quid day between the two fuels including standing charges. This may seem high but I know where my usage is most, two freezers and a 24/7 HD infrared CCTV system running 4 cameras constantly & heating on throughout entire winter for pooch! If I was to remove the CCTV & extra freezer and not leave heat on for the dog I'd be using roughly the same as what @B4xsy uses.

I’ve used the IHD for over a year so I know roughly what each appliance cost to run!

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well winter is nearly hear once again and energy usage and costs rocket.

what handy hints have people got to share to help reduce costs?

a simple one that can make a huge difference, only boil the amount of water you actually need when using the kettle.
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Hello all, I have been a boost customer now since 9th November 2018 after being with Eon but I have noticed that I have topped up nearly £90 and it is not even been a month, nothing has changed in the way I use things at home just like I was using on my last supplier, i.e. using heating when grandkids visit in the evenings, washing machine, tv etc..etc, I am on dual fuel smart meter but I just don't understand how I am using that much when I never before
Hey @Nige harvey - I've just moved your query over here. Check out Lucy's 'best answer' at the top!
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Why is it costing me £100 on electric every week

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I am switching back to my old provider, way to expensive 

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Hi @kelmick 


I’ve moved your query here to get you some answers that may explain your energy usage as of late. Also, check out this link for ways to save money over the winter period!


Hope that helps,