Where to Find Extra Help and Support - Did You Know?

  • 24 July 2019
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Where to Find Extra Help and Support - Did You Know?
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Updated on 23/09/2020


Falling on harder times or struggling financially is an unfortunate situation we cannot always avoid.

Boost, as an energy supplier, have a few areas of support available for customers who find themselves needing extra help, from the offer of Discretionary Credit and even further help and support through our Customer Support team on 0800 0699 831.

There are many alternative places you can turn to, and where you may be advised to go after speaking with support, who can offer so much more depending on what and where you need help. Here's a list of a few of them:

Citizens Advice Bureau



Check out more info on what the Citizens Advice Bureau can do for you here!







Find out what StepChange can help you with here!








You can find out what Turn2Us can support you with here!

Centre for Sustainable Energy







For great advice on saving energy and money, check out what the Centre for Sustainable Energy can do to help you here!

And finally... The Energy Company Obligation (ECO) Scheme








Here is what Boost is determined to do in order to help customers save as much energy and money as possible. More about this here!

Hopefully, you find lots of help and support via these pages and we'd be happy to hear if you know of any other areas of support that are available to energy consumers. Pop any information in the comments below to help out other users if you can!




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Hi, I find my amount isn’t lasting very long. 
im struggling financially and find I’m topping up all of the time! My child has eczema so her clothing and bedding has to be washed on a hot 60 degree wash. I’ve limited myself to ¾ washes a week to try and save some gas and electric but it’s not going very far. I hardly have my heating on for more than 1 hour as my home is quite warm. I’m just wondering how I can make it last longer? I’m worried when I do get the WHD it’s not going to last over the winter 

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Hi @Lcorbin97 


I’ve moved your topic here to try and offer you the best help I can based on your issues.


If you’re finding you’re struggling to keep on top of your energy bills, you’ll find lots of support and help above from various other bodies, that can help in this situation.


The Centre for Sustainable Energy is a great place to go for advice on how to save as much energy as you can to help bring your charges down too.

Hope this helps,