When will I receive my Warm Home Discount payment?

  • 30 November 2018
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Ive been waiting 7 weeks now so that timeframe is cutting it fine
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Updated on 13/10/2020 - There’s really handy FAQ here, which is worth checking if you have any Warm Home Discount related questions!


Hi all,


It should be added within 6 weeks of receiving your confirmation email. Please be aware the Ofgem deadline for making payments is the end of March 2019, but we're aiming to make them sooner than this.

If your application is currently in the process of being checked, this might take longer. We have to "validate" 5 to 10% of applications by asking for supporting documents from the DWP. This process can take 6 to 8 weeks too, after which you'll be sent information about the outcome.

Hope this helps,

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Ok no worries thanks
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Hi. I’m not sure. I received an email on 18th October saying I had been accepted and there was no mention of anything needing validation.
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Did your go through the validation process?
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Hi again. My account was credited this afternoon. I hope everyone else isn’t waiting much longer. For anyone that hasn’t been in touch with them yet, I messaged them on Facebook and they replied pretty quickly. Merry Christmas 😊
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Same here 7 weeks tomorrow i applied this validation process is really slow
I applied as soon as we were able to. My email states payment will be made within 6 weeks (this was in the email they sent to say it had been accepted) now I'm being told it might not be paid until the end of March. This is gonna be a hard winter if I'm not able to have my heating on when needed.
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Thats the way it should be every application should be validated to so fraud doesnt happen
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I’m glad I’m not the only one! I’m on a group on Facebook and a lot of boost customers have already received there’s. Some of them had only applied a few weeks ago! Wish they would do it in the order we applied in.
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Not had my payment yet I phoned boost on a number of occasions mines still going through validation to I applied in October x
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Their really slow a lot of applications are going through validation ive been waiting since 16th october still nothing the way this validation is going it will be next xmas before we get it
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I messaged them on Facebook last night and someone has just replied asking for security questions. Hopefully they will get back to me shortly. I’ll post on here if I get any answers.
I was told I will be receiving the Warm Home Discount on 19th October, but I still haven't received it. I'm having to sit under blankets as I can't afford to turn the heating on, I've emailed so many times to ask how much longer it will be but never receive a reply. Its so frustrating, I simply cant afford to get warm.