What to do when I’m Moving home - ask your questions here!

  • 12 January 2018
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Updated on 09/12/21 by Tim_Boost:


There’s a great Boost Answers guide on what to do when you’ve moving out of/into a house supplied by Boost. Check it out here


What about our FAQ for landlords, here:


That said there’s always going to be exceptions or questions that need answering. Share them below and one of our users should be able to help.




45 replies

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i am moving house but cant seem to find anywhere that lets me know how to start the process of either closing account or transferring?
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Hi @vern84 Welcome to the forum!!

I'll step in here as none of our other users have suggested a reply as yet.

Please see below a link to our website which gives you all the info you need to know about moving home with Boost! Hope this helps.



I am a landlord and want to change the gas and electric in to my name for **edited by moderator**

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I've moved your question over here, @Kim kell, take a look at this topic for more information!

Moved in to my new home, I tried phoning yesterday and couldn’t get through. I need to set up an account then I can top up asap running low.
moving and the people moving in would like too keep boost .. how do I manage this ?
Hey @Maw72 @Lauren123 - just check out Darran's response above!
Due to move in a couple of weeks and will be looking to close the account. How do we do this. We also need to supply top up card and details of how to set up a new account for the new tennant.
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Hey @RubySoho - I've moved your comment onto this topic about moving home. Check out Tim's info at the top 🙂
Im moving into a new home and I’ll be on a fixed rate gas an electric plan my new house doesn’t have any prepayment meter or smart meters my question is do I need to get smart meters fitted?? An would it benefit me in any way
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Hey @Spurry79,

Have you moved into a home supplied by OVO? If you have, head over to our OVO forum. If you are with OVO, but would like to be Boost - you'll need to have smart meter installed. You'll have to pay exit fees as you're in a fixed rate contract.

If you're on supply with another supplier, you'll have to have smart meters installed so Boost can supply you. You can sign up here.

Hi I’m selling my house, is it just a case for the new owners to make a new account to carry on using?

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Hey @Andys1881 - I've moved your post over here. More info above ☝🏼
Ibe moved kn amd not aware I had smart meters in house...I have no supply kids under 4 disabled son ..who am I suppose to get help when you are shut they day I need help.
Its all well saying over and over what office hours are.whaf about emergency hours ..when s new person moves into a property has no NO gas or ELECTRIC...
I have even tried Facebook as suggest on z forum for help over weekend..and nothing no reply...good job its warm weather as kids would have froze...I need help today I have no way to top up these stupid meters
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Hey @Chelix, I'm hoping you've managed to reach our team and your supply is all up and running. I've moved your post here as the info above will be useful. If you are still off supply please call our team as soon as possible on: 0330 102 7517, they'll be able to help.
Hi, Ive recently moved address and wanted to bring Boost along to my new property. Iv now received my new key cards but I want to use the app to top up as I did at my previous address but I’m still registered at my old address and old account number on my app ..how do I change these to my new details?
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It's great to hear you'd like to be with us in your new home, @Kate_D.

The account for your old address will need to be closed, if this hasn't already been done send the team an email on hello@boostpower.co.uk. You'll need to confirm the date you moved out and your forwarding address.

Are we the supplier of your new home? If we are - great - you just need to book a smart meter exchange here. This will then allow you to top up on the app.

If we're not the supplier, you'll need to sign up to us here.

Let us know how you get on! :)

This should also help you with your query @jadeben!
Hi I have a Boost pay as you go account but last week we moved home, I informed you and you said my new supplier which is Spark Electric was part of you guys. I'm really not happy with their app, I find it hard to use, plus I have a mental health condition and learning difficulties.
Is there any way I can change back to Boost?

Jade Baker
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Hi @jadeben,

I'm sorry to hear you're not having a good time with Spark, but I'm glad to hear you want to move back to us!

You can switch back over to us here: https://switch.boostpower.co.uk/get-quote

Purchased a house, moved in, went to read meters and found pay as you go meters. First time I've encountered these. Rang, waited over an hour, gave up. Had £2.50 over the weekend. Tried to top up with a key to which shop assistant stated I needed an eight digit code. Returned to pick items up and was left with 5p.Monday, managed to get through after hour and a half. Got code, topped up can't just pop home to check all is working as I am 300 miles away and will return home later. So logged in as a new customer, no email sent even though I was given an account number. And call time is now over an hour again. Have already switched now and would like the name of the managing director please. This is unacceptable. Have raised a complaint with OVO and will await their response before contacting the energy ombudsman. This is not service of any description.
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How did you get on with this complaint, @Ticophil ? Hope it was resolved and all is well with your current supplier!

I’ve recently moved to a new house with my husband and son and we’re planning on renovating it. First, we need to do is to install new windows and doors, we decided to hire this company https://www.blueskywindows.com.au/double-glazed-windows/ because as we understood, they supply double-glazed soundproof upvc windows which are a great option for our family. Then I have huge plans for redesign and looking forward to it :grinning:

I’m moving house on December 10th and need to cancel my account/close it then. How do I go about this? 

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Hi @Wicket182 ,

I’ve moved you post over here - we’ve got a whole thread dedicated to moving house!

Cheers :)


I'm moving into a property that is currently supplied by OVO that I am guessing is now managed by Boost. There is a debt of £6.34 left by the previous tenant and they have not left a key/card.

I move in in 2 days and as the flat is only powered by electric (no gas!) I'm worried I'm going to be without power for days whilst waiting for new key/card.