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  • 4 April 2022
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Last night (Sunday) I was on -£6.30 in emergency credit. I topped up £11 to make the balance £4.70.

10am this morning the electricity goes off and my balance is -£4. How is this possible after only 12 hours? I would have contacted through live chat but didn’t fancy being 263rd in the queue.



7 replies

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Sorry for the confusion, @sdrjones.


Sounds like you meter was using emergency credit over your friendly credit period at the weekend. During this time your meter is programmed not to exceed your usually emergency credit amount, meaning you shouldn’t lose supply during these times. When your friendly credit period ends, any usage or standing charges which should have been taken from your meter balance previously is then added. In your case this resulted in the unexpected drop in your balance. 


To avoid this confusion in future we recommend making sure your balance is topped up with enough credit to see you through the weekend before the friendly credit period begins at 4pm on Saturday.


I hope this helps clear things up.

I assumed the balance would still update over the weekend though? It was -£6 on Sunday night before I topped up. Should it not still update?


Also, the app doesn’t display my balance, does it not do this anymore (Had the app installed for months now)? Boost used to be really good, dual wallet (Both gas and electric at same time) and regular balance updates. What happened?

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Sorry for the confusion, @sdrjones - whilst your usage charges are still deducted, your daily standing charges are paused whilst using emergency credit.


We’ve made some changes to the app as you mention, you should still be able to view a snapshot of your balance taken at midnight each day here. For more up-to date balance information we’d recommend checking your In-Home Display or contacting our Support Team to request one.


I hope this helps.

Where on the app do I go to view a snapshot of my balance? I’m unable to find it anywhere on the app, and the app is up to date.

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That sounds strange, @sdrjones.


Have you taken a look at the advice in the thread below?:



Hope this trouble-shooting helps get things sorted. If you’re still having problems it might be worth reaching out to our Support Team to check we’re communicating with your meter.

This is exactly what my app looks like, with no balance displayed.

I’m not sure if it’s because I was with Spark before the merge? Perhaps those features are unavailable to former Spark customers?



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The move from Spark shouldn’t affect the functions of your Boost app, @sdrjones.


There’s some advice over here which might help get to the bottom of the missing balance snapshot:


Will I be able to see my balance in the new Boost Top-up app?

Yes, but it might take up to 3 days to show after downloading the app for the first time. Your balance will be updated each day after midnight. That said, if your meters aren't communicating with us frequently, your balance might not show at all – or be out of date.


Why isn’t the balance showing on my app?

It could be that you don’t have the latest version of the Boost Top-up app. You need to download it (App Store or Google Play) and use it to top-up – your balance will then show after midnight. 


One thing to note is that your balance might take up to 3 days to show after downloading the latest version.


There’s also a chance that you can’t see your balance because the connection between us and your smart meters has dropped out, and we’re not receiving data.


If you’re worried the issue might be down to the communication of your smart meters we’d recommend checking out the topics below and getting in touch with our Support Team to work out the next steps.