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  • 26 June 2019
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UPDATED 18/02/2020

2019/2020 Warm Home Discount Applications are now closed! Register your interest for next years here in April 2020!



What is the Warm Home Discount?

The Warm Home Discount (WHD), is a government scheme that gives customers extra help to those who struggle with the cost of their energy. It’s a regulated process by Ofgem and if you’re eligible you’ll receive a one-off payment of £140.

Am I eligible?

There are two groups the WHD scheme is divided into, the Core group and Broader group.

Core Group - The Core Group is for customers who are in receipt of the Guarantee Credit element of Pension Credit. You’ll automatically receive this payment, and have a confirmation letter from the DWP (Department of Working Pensions) to let you know you don’t need to apply for this.

If you’re on supply with Boost on the on a certain date (this is to be confirmed later on in the year) then it’ll be us that makes this payment to you. If you weren’t with us, then your previous supplier will issue this payment to you. You’ll need to contact them for further details on how you’ll receive this.

Broader Group - Broader group customers will need to submit an application each year that they’re with us. We have a detailed list of what meets our eligibility criteria on our website here.

If you’re eligible, you can submit an application on our website in the Autumn.

When can I submit my application?

We open our application window in the Autumn, but you can add yourself to our pre-register.

What’s the difference between pre-register and applications?

You can register your interest on our pre-register here, this will let us know that you’d like to apply for the WHD. We’ll then send you an email to let you know when it’s time to submit your application.

Can I have it on both my gas and electric?

Last year, we gave customers the option to select which fuel they’d prefer to have their credit added to during the application process. If this wasn't select it would automatically be applied to the electric and could not be changed after. We’re hoping to be able to offer this again this year!

When will I receive the payment?

The aim is to make payments within 6 weeks from when a customer has been accepted for the payment. In recent years our final payment date has been the 31st March. We expect this to be the same again this year, however this will be confirmed when we open up our applications.

How do Boost pay my WHD?

It depends on what meters you have, to how you receive the payment.

Smart Meters

With smart meters we can access them remotely, which means we’ll automatically add the payment to either your PAYG+ all online account, or to your electricity and/or gas meter.

You’ll receive an email to let you know we’ve done this, and also view the payment in your top up history.

Traditional Meters

Electricity - Payments being made to customers with electricity traditional meters, will receive a letter in the post advising them we’ve sent a “special action" to apply the credit to their key.

You’ll need to top up at the same PayPoint for the next 3-5 top ups (all to be done on different days) this will then pull the message through onto your key, and apply to the meter when you insert the key.

Gas - Adding WHD to a gas traditional meter is very similar. Except we’ll send the payment to the last PayPoint you topped up at. We’ll let you know when it’s ready and all you need to do is head to the shop with you card.

The cashier will then perform a 0 Vend, some customers may be familiar with the process, but for those who aren’t this is what they do:


  • Retailer inserts customers Boost or OVO Energy Card into the PayPoint terminal
  • Selects the amount of top up (£0.00) and presses confirm
  • Retailer removes card and hands receipt and card to customer
  • Please then check your receipt displays message received or message acknowledged

If they experience any issues they need to call the PayPoint Helpline on 0800 310 0000.

I’ve switched away, will I still get the payment?

Core Group - You’ll receive this payment regardless of who’s you’re supplier. It’ll just depend on who’s the supplier on the specific date (TBC) as to who makes this payment to you.

Broader Group - If you apply for the Warm Home Discount, you're accepted through Boost and then decided to switch to another energy supplier before we make the payment, your application will be cancelled automatically.

Why have I been asked to send extra documents?

Ofgem ask all suppliers to collect evidence from 5-10% of their customers. Our customers are selected at random and we always ask customers for these documents way in advance before the payment date. We also recommend sending in photocopies and not original documents into us.

If the documents aren’t received within the time frame given, then the application will be withdrawn and a payment won’t be made.

44 replies

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Hey @Lcorbin97 & @MARTPRID 


I’ve moved your question here to help.


Some of our replies to the Warm Home Discount applications were being received in our customers Spam/Junk email folder. Have you checked here to see if you got a response?


If not, if you pop us a message via our Facebook link above and we’ll chase this up for you.


Hope this helps,


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6 weeks normally, it does tell you on acceptance email

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Hey. I also was waiting for a confirmation letter but I did not receive it... I thought, by the way, maybe this is because I made a mistake in writing the postcode, I don’t know, I probably need to do it all over again, by the way, in order not to make mistakes anymore, I found this https://postcodefinder.net/england/london, it certainly has all the correct postcodes here))

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Hi Bradley.

I have sent them an email and will get back in touch. :thumbsup:

Thanks for the reply.

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last year you earned interest  £104m of our money from winter wallet, so this year you open it earlier to make more,   I never seen you open warm home discount early. Yes there is a question coming when will I get night and warm home discount allowance will it be before the summer or before the end of the winter wallet when you’ve into interest on the money already that’s why you haven’t paid it you’re earning interest on our money I’ve been freezing this winter thanks to you waiting for my warm home discount but the time comes I will need to put the heating on don’t start quoting me the rules I know what they are you don’t have to pay till the end of March just use some of the interest you our savings I bet you don’t show that in your transparency do you use fat cat bigshot industry people taking advantage of us are poor vulnerable human beings if you could call is that disgraceful

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Hi there @mrmarkiep,


I’ve moved your post over here, as it’ll make it easier for users to find.


We haven’t opened the Winter Wallet just yet, it should re-open around April, but we’ll let you know an exact date closer to the time.


As for the Warm Home Discount deadline, it’s not something we decide, it’s an industry regulation, but we understand it’s better to have it sooner. This year, we’ve aimed to get the payments made within 6 weeks of your application being accepted. If it’s been over 6 weeks since you were accepted, get in touch with us and we can chase this up for you. You could email us at hello@boostpower.co.uk, or send us a message via our Facebook or Twitter pages.


I’m not sure where you got the figure of £104 million, but this isn’t correct at all. In total, customers managed to save £4 million last year using this scheme, which they obviously then used towards their energy. We also gave out £100,000 in prizes for those using the scheme.




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does anybody actually action anything from here, so you just here to chat


cause I get now where everytiume

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I have received a letter from boost asking for the same evidence,proof of benefits.i have already sent this and according to someone I spoke to on Twitter they have received it and will be back in touch. Why do they need it again?



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Hmm I’m unsure about this, @jackieh56. We’d need to look into your account to answer this. Please drop the team a message on Facebook with your account number (or address and post code), full name and DoB.


I recieved my £140 British gas warmer homes credit letter and took it to my local post office.they said they dont do it ana I had to go to a main post office which is some distance away.i thought they were contracted to British gas to take payments.can they refuse to do this by saying they are only a small concern and so don't do it.

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This is a great point to raise, @Mikey1066 


Recently, British Gas ended their relationship with the PayPoint system, which may explain the problems you had.




I applied for the warm home discount and haven't had a conformation e mail... do I need to phone and speak to someone...
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We haven't opened this years Warm Home Discount applications yet, @Debbieg, take a look at this topic for more info! 🙂
No sorry I didn't make it clear I meant I applied last year for this year...I received the 140 for last year... and I believe for this year you will be paying out soon...😀
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That's right, @Debbieg, the application window often opens September/October time, so you'll be able to apply soon!

You will need to apply again this year, applications don't carry over year to year, as your circumstances may change.

hi ive applied 2 years running for the whd but still waiting a response ive come to the conclusion boost is the worst supplier out to get in contact with and for them to reply will be looking for another supplier who will give me the warm home discount i got it of my previous one so i know im elegible for it so annoying
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@Angie1964, the application window hasn't opened just yet, but it normally opens in October.

You can pre-register your interest now, which means we'll send you an email when you're ready to apply, but please note that this isn't the full application: https://www.boostpower.co.uk/help/topics/payments-and-statements/payments/how-do-i-get-the-warm-home-discount.html


Rank    Billy the kidd 18 hours ago
Can you please assist me with a WHD query, I have been waiting now since November 2019, for my WHD to be paid to my account, since then I have made numerous phone calls to boost and emails, only to be informed that my application and all of my correspondence is with the WHD team, and they are still processing my application.
I strongly feel that I am not getting any where fast, I have met the criteria set out by boost and the government, I just don't know what else I am to do next, I have also been advised when making contact with boost that the WHD team have up until the 31 of March 2020 to process the payment.
Being the 25th today, it doesn't leave much longer to go, please can you assist me.

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I’ve moved your query here to make sure we get you the info you need, @Billy the kidd 


I appreciate this must be frustrating, but I’d recommend giving our Boost team a message via their Facebook page here, and they can chase this up for you.


Let us know how you get on,


my account info

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Hey @gillywills2562 and @Sonia92,


I’ve moved your question here to help answer your question. It sounds like you’ve got access to our Boost app going by your topic title.


The best way to find your account number is via the profile section of the app. It’ll be a 7 digit number.

If you still can’t find it, pop the Boost team a message via Facebook here, and they should be able to help you.




Have been moved over from economy energy to boost (didnt know this) how do I find out my boost account number I've had no emails or post 

Exactly the same have sent emails to chase and Facebook messages! Customer service doesn’t seem to be boosts strength 

I received  an email on the 17th October saying boost have received my application and will be in touch within 5 working days. I still haven’t heard anything; does this mean I’m not entitled to it? I’m a single mum to two children under the age of 2. 

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When are payments being made for this year plz i got accepted 3 weeks ago just wondering when i will get my payment onto my gas card plz regards Rebecca