Topped up your meter for the first time in months and it's gone - you've probably got a Standing Charge debt!

  • 11 October 2018
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Updated on 23/09/2020

For periods of time, some meters might not need topping up if the household doesn’t need to use gas or electricity. This could be when a household is unoccupied, or over the summer when some households might not need their gas on.

Even if you are not using energy, there’s still a standing charge that's applied every day and taken from the meter balance. You can find out more about what daily standing charges cover here.

Without topping up, this can result in a negative balance on the meter. Here’s how to check if this has happened:

🔑 Traditional meters: You can see any accumulated debt if you scroll through the screens on your electricity meter until you get to screen ‘F’ or ‘4’ – or screen 17 on your gas meter.

💳 Smart Standard: If you have smart meters, you can see the debt by pressing button 7 on the keypad of each meter.

Normally, you’d need to clear the full debt amount and bring the meter into a positive balance to get your meters back on. By topping up enough to clear the debt and get you back on supply, you shouldn't need to call but if you have any problems getting back on supply, then we’re on hand to help!

5 replies

I have just purchased a property. Electric meter has £80 debt. Gas meter won't light up. I have called about this, was told to email picture which I did over a week ago. Not heard anything from boost.

Can you please sort it out as I can't use property without gas.
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Hi @Supa34 - I've moved your post here which should explain the debt on your meter.

Unfortunately we've been really busy since Economy Energy collapsed and we took on all their customers. This pushed up our response times temporarily while we were inundated with calls and emails. They're back down to the usual level now, and we're working really hard to make sure we get back to everyone who emailed.

If this still isn't sorted, please give us a call on 0330 102 7517 between 8am and 6pm on weekdays.


I used the £30 emergency and paid it back. But now my metre is showing -26. And going to disconect tommorow. Why ??

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Hi sorry I can't really help with your query but the same happened to me last week. I paid the money to stay connected but I couldn't make sense of it really. I have emailed them asking to look into it further for me. Hopefully they'll get back. 

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Hi @Nikki dangeli @Martine78 and thanks for sharing!


Can you have a read of the top of this topic ^^^^


When you’re in emergency credit, your standing charge isn’t taken, that means after you’ve topped up, the standing charge debt is taken, resulting in less credit, or sometimes even a debt. How many days were you in your emergency credit for?


Let us know the details and maybe someone can advise...