Standing charge seems high - what's yours per month?

  • 18 January 2018
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Hi @Janeclark

Just to clarify, on a "credit meter" (where you pay by Direct Debit or upon receipt of the bill), you would still have a unit rate per KWh and a standing charge per day.

The amount of the Direct Debit would aim to cover your usage, but it can go up or down if your usage fluctuates too. It's not strictly a set amount per month.

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Im sure I wouldn't be £180 per month like last year im already ovet £90 per momth have been the past 2 months dont use much during the day I use the washing machine at night. The way your company works the standing charge is very noticeable I think that's why it seems so much. Still not using that much gas less than a £1 per day and I use £5 every day my heat and hot water are gas and my cooker
I am paying £211 annual in standing charges. For having smart meters Duel fuel. What a ripoff.
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hi @Mark boost prefer to be open and honest with their charges and tariffs, other suppliers tend to hide these costs within tarrif costs.

it may seem alot but i prefer to know what my money goes on!
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Hi @Mark - I've moved your post onto this topic discussing standing charges.
Hi, I'm paying £16+ a month Standing Charge on my smart meter, is this about right? What is everyone else paying?
Cheers Caz

Its not the standing charges you need to worry about its the letters you will get from boost, As soon as they establish when you are at home and using electric you will receive a letter telling you the tariffs are changing and guess what its when you are home. I have a tv and xbox on and one light right now and my smart meter is showing Orange telling me im using alot of electric? This Smart Meter thing is just designed to monitor you to get more money. Stay on card meters EDF will switch you back
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Hi @fabled77 - I'm not sure I understand what you mean here. Our PAYG tariff is variable, but it certainly doesn't vary on a daily basis. On average they change 2 to 3 times per year, and we always email our customers a month before this is due to happen. Once a change has taken place, your unit rates and standing charges will stay the same until the tariff is next updated.
So how am I benefitting from a standing charge? I have solar panels that supply my electric during the day, I should be charging you as I'm not benefiting anything when my standing charge is both higher than my gas and electricity a month!
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@Treeny The standing charges essentially pays for the maintenance of everything before your meter, including the pipes and wires that lead from the street to your property.

This article from Simply Switch does a pretty good job of explaining what standing charges are.

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They’ve just raised the standing charge to 65p from 1st October. Seems a little steep. I have the old style smart meter so don’t really see how much I’m using at peak times, but I know I must be using loads judging by how much I’m spending on gas and electricity each week.