Preregistration for Warm Home Discount 2019 is now open!

  • 13 June 2019
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Updated 18/02/2020

The pre-registration for 2019 is now closed, however, we’ll be opening pre-registration for 2020 in April! You’ll be able to pre-register here.


Did you know you're able to preregister for this years Warm Home Discount scheme (2019)?

We've recently opened up preregistration on our Boost website, where you can register your interest for applying and, by logging a few details about your Boost account and contact information, making sure you get notified when the Warm Home Discount applications go live!

Click here and it will take you to our Warm Home Discount information page on our Boost website, in case you had any burning questions on whether you're eligible or what you'll need to know in order to apply.

Finally, click here to fill out the preregistration form. You'll just need your name, Boost account number and email address handy, and then sit back and relax, we'll let you know when the applications go live later this year!

Please be aware that by filling out this preregistration form, this is not your actual application for the Warm Home Discount and this does not guarantee you will get the payment. This is just a way to make sure you're notified when the actual Warm Home Discount applications go live later in the year.

7 replies

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Morning - I am fairly certain I have preregistered But Is there anyway in which I can check?

Also is there any news on when applications will open ?

happy Sunday

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HI @Tam75

Unfortunately, there's no way we can see if you've correctly preregistered. But, we've advised those who are a little worried about it to preregister again to be sure.

We've got no confirmed application date yet, but they usually open late September to early October. Feel free to keep your eyes peeled on our Boost website for any changes.

Have a great week!
: I''ve not received a confirmation email in regards to my warm home discount application that I did over the phone with a boost representative over 3 weeks ago. I know I''m eligible and I can do it online but every time I ring to get my account number I get fobbed off
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Hey @Julz

I've moved your topic here as I think this is what you actually signed up for a few weeks back. Unfortunately, you wouldn't have signed up for the actual application yet as these are not currently live yet.

You'll get a notification of when the applications go live and then you can fill out the Warm Home Discount application!

All the best,

how do i apply for the warm discount grant


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Hey @khanyassa7866,


The Warm Home Discount application window has closed for 2019/2020, but in April, you’ll be able to pre-register for the 2020/2021 Warm Home Discount. Pre-registering means you’ll receive an email when the application window opens.


As for the discretionary credit, please get in touch with us via phone call on 0330 102 7517, email at, or by sending a message to our Facebook or Twitter pages. We don’t guarantee immediate responses here. I’m sure there’s something we can do to keep you on supply, please don’t worry.