Off-supply and can't top-up due to app maintenance - why is there no emergency number?

  • 9 December 2021
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Hi there, I’ve been away for a few days & when I’ve arrived home at 10pm tonight, my electricity has disconnected in the day due to no funds (emergency used up).

The BIG issue here being the payment processing on the app is down for maintenance meaning I CAN’T add any electricity, and there is NO emergency/ out of hours phone numbers?? I’m sat here in the pitch black at nearly 11pm, freezing cold due to it being winter with negative temperatures outside. This is beyond shocking  ! I’m now in a situation where it’s impossible for me to live? No Electricity, Pitch Black, no appliances to make food, No heating, nothing at all.

Any advice on what to do here? Customer support will be getting an earful tomorrow and I’ll be demanding compensation for this Abysmal service. I’ll most likely look at switching suppliers too.

Luckily I’m a 21 year old, self sufficient male. Imagine a single mother with a newborn? Disgusting 


1 reply

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So sorry to hear that this planned app maintenance left you without a way to top-up and get back on supply yesterday, @KaiLuis.


We try to schedule in required app updates at a time which is the least disruptive but appreciate in your case, as you were already off-supply before the non-disconnect period began at 4pm you weren’t then able to get reconnected. To avoid this in future we’d always advise making a top-up as soon as you notice that your balance is low, or when you activate your emergency credit. If you’re unable to make a payment via the app it’s worth bearing in mind that you can still make a top-up by using your top-up codes at your local PayPoint.


I’m hoping you’ve managed to speak to the Support Team and get things up and running again smoothly.