Not really saving any money !

  • 26 June 2018
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Have recently switched to boost after a lovely gentleman called me and explained i was paying 19p per kw whereas boost only charge 14p however he forgot to mention the 58p a day standing charge ! I was with utilita who do not take a standing charge and was using about £18 to £20 a week , I'm still using the same because of the standing charge and not saving anything at all !

1 reply

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Hi @Crowley,

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Just to give some background info on this: standing charges cover the cost of supplying your property with gas, maintenance of pipework and the upkeep of the national grid. Other companies sometimes offer tariffs without standing charges, but you'll often find that they have to increase their unit rates to cover these maintenance costs, which can work out more expensive for the customer. As we want to be honest with our pricing and where your money is going, we choose to have a separate standing charge.