My energy supplier has failed in their duty of care.

  • 6 April 2019
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I am a 65 year old gentleman living alone and isolated with heart failure, asthma and Myasthenia Gravis. These illnesses mean I am house bound. The temperature is falling. I am sitting alone in the dark and cold because my energy supplier has failed in their duty of care.
Originally with the electrical supplier EDF, I transferred my supplier to Economy Energy. When this went bust the Government automatically transferred the account to BOOSTENERGY.

On Thursday April 4th the power on my Pay As You Go meter went off. I enabled the excess system to put on £5 while I had the key charged to top it up again. At 16:48: £49 was put on top up key. When inserted in the meter ERROR A5 appeared several times. The trail of horror begins here
· Contacted Boost (The supplier 1st Time)
· Told to get another key from local agent. Not British Gas.
· Photograph of top up receipt sent to Boost email address provided.
· Given Code for agent to enter.
· No local agents have anything other than British Gas keys. ( Son visited 8/9 agents)

· Contacted Boost (2nd time)
· Emergency only enquiries available
· Went through history
· Told to get another key that British Gas keys would work.
· Told to wait an hour before inserting the key.
· Local agent provides British Gas keys. (Son collected)
· Code entered
· When inserted ERROR A7 several attempts continued failure.
Son had to return to his home.

Friday 5thApril 2019
· Contacted Boost (3rd time)
· Went through history
· Told to get the old key I had from EDF that it would work.
· New code provided
· Same procedure as before; son visited local agent
· Again failed.

· Contacted Boost (4th time)
· Went through history
· Advisor Arranged for Courier delivery of key next day
· £49 would be on the key
· Decided to arrange installation of smart meter for May 16th 2019

Saturday 6thApril 2019
· New key arrived by courier
· Again failed.
Excess Now down to 89p
· Contacted Boost (5th time)
· Went through history
· Adviser suggested emergency meter replacement (3 to 4 hours)
· Advisor then said she had been told the meter cannot be replaced as it belongs to someone else. (I have since learned this to NOT be the case as when they took over my account they took over the meter)
· Advised to call emergency number 105.
· Or Siemens or Lowri Beck

· Electricity now OFF.
· Contacted 105 emergency number.
· Advised that this issue has nothing to do with them that the company BOOST has responsibility for the meter and only they can change it.
· Learned from the very helpful advisor that ERROR 5 means the meter needed replacing and the company ought to have acted on this immediately.

· Contacted Seimens.
· Advised this had nothing to do with them.
· Contacted LOWRI BECK.
· Used to be contracted for Economy Energy which BOOST took over no longer involved.
· Advised that Boost has a legal obligation to repair or replace the meter. Boost adviser had said this was not the case when spoken to earlier.

· Contacted Boost
· Closed.
· No emergency number
As I said earlier I am now sitting in a home with no power; no heating or lighting despite being in credit having paid the company in advance for electricity. No contact with the company can be made until Monday morning at the earliest, there is NO emergency service at the weekend (I can't believe this is legal) which means a further 36 hours of appalling conditions. BOOST ENERGY is not taking responsibility for replacing its faulty meter nor has is made it known who WILL take responsibility. The current situation is that there is NO evidence that I will ever have electricity again or who to contact to remedy the situation. The company providing my electricity has demonstrated a wilful ignorance of their responsibilities potential remedies for the situation and effectively washed its hands of the distress I now find myself in. It was made clear on all 5 occasions that I am a vulnerable elderly gentleman.
Please note that I have forwarded a copy of this to my local Member of Parliament enlist her support in this matter and to the Standard who may be interested in how a company appointed by the Government to provide Power following the collapse of Economy Energy is now failing its most vulnerable customers.
I will be contacting you on Monday morning at which time I expect to have the meter replaced as is your legal duty.

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I'm really sorry to hear about your experience, @Freezing2Death, our Customer Care number is: 0330 102 7517 - they're available Monday-Friday 8am-6pm and Saturday 9am-1pm. The team take emergency off supply calls between 6pm-8pm. When they are not available our team offer support on Facebook and Twitter. I'm hoping this has all now been resolved, if it hasn't please call our team.