My advice to beat winter topping up worries

  • 22 April 2018
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Updated 23/09/2020 - Check out our Winter FAQ here!

I've read a lot on here about people who are concerned with the difference in their energy costs in summer & winter, we are obviously gonna use more in the cold dark months, but the best advice I can give is simple. What ever you have to top up in December & January, top up that same amount all year round. This way you will build up a "pot" during the summer months, giving you the freedom to put your heating on more on the winter. Then by the following year you will find that you can top up less each month and still use the same energy. Don't only top up what you need in the summer, top up what you can afford, build the pot, effectively prepay a comfortable winter so that you are not struggling to feed the meter to keep your boiler running when the freezing temps hit us. You will find over time that you can save money by topping up the same each month, the same way as it works if you have a direct debit account with your supplier. The first year is slightly more expensive as its when you calculate your general use but once you get to know your consumption you end up saving money all year round. I live in a 3 bedroom flat with my husband and occasionally my grandkids. He works but I'm home all day so there is always something switched on!! I pay £60 per month on fuel. I probably only use half that in summer, but I use more in winter, by paying the same through the summer though I don't have to increase my spend to cover the additional costs. Hope this helps!!

5 replies

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Thanks for sharing your advice @Caz1991 I'm sure others will agree with you! Here's to enjoying the warmer months
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I had always had a direct debit account in the past but when I moved here there were prepayment meters in already and my landlord requested that we not change them due to previous tenant debt. It made sense to me to simply pay monthly the way I always had, and to be honest it costs less than the direct debit I paid previously. Moving to Boost brought the cost down even more and I love the app and the automatic top up tool makes it no different than a standard direct debit anyway so its great! Just wait g for the gas to be put on a smart meter and then I'm all set 🙂
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Wow! Its great to hear you're making the most of Boost which hasn't given you savings! It does work out well to be a boost customer for sure

Pleases help got no money to put on meter till 10 November.

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Hey @Susanscully ,


If you need any support with topping up, pop Boost a call on  0330 1027517, between 8am - 8pm, Monday to Friday.


Let us know how you get on,