Issues with the Warm Home Discount validation process

  • 12 December 2019
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Rang up 3 days ago questioning my Warm Home Discount, after finally getting through I was greeted by someone on the phone so I could discuss the Warm Home Discount I was accepted for.

After waiting 8 weeks on “further checks” I asked what is going on, apparently, they are still waiting for the application to be OK’d from DWP.

My portal states that if they need any more evidence I will know by the 28th November.

Now I have a letter dated 4th December ( apparently ) which I received on the 12th. I have a letter asking for 2 supporting documents, which is a pain in itself, but on top of that no pre-paid envelope,  so it will now cost me extra money to send documents back to Boost for an allowance that I am entitled to.

So next year I will not be joining Boost after 3 years of being a customer.


6 replies

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Updated on 13/10/2020 - There’s really handy FAQ here, which is worth checking if you have any Warm Home Discount related questions!


Hi @DarynD,


I’ve updated the title and added a few tags to make the post easier to find for customers in the same position as you, I hope you don’t mind.


Unfortunately, the validation process is something that is set up by the DWP (the Department of Work and Pensions) deals with, so we aren’t able to change the process.


All suppliers have to allow a percentage of the Warm Home Discount customers to go through validation, which means the DWP checking over your application, and in this case, they require more information from you to validate this.


There’s a bit more info on it here.


I know it’s a bit of a pain having to send this information off, and waiting for the results, but it’s something that you may have to do with any supplier that you go with. You may not be selected for validation next year, so you may not have to do this again.


Let’s keep our fingers crossed that this will be the last time you have to go through this!





I have complex PTSD which causes severe depression, anxiety, severe panic attacks and agriphobia.

I am registered with Boost and other utility companies as a vulnerable customer.

I have had the warm home discount from boost for the last 2 years. It came as a shock when I received an email on the 25th October telling me I was getting the discount subject to checks. Last week I recieved the letter asking for two letters to back up my claim. I have searched everywhere but I cant find the letter.

Please can you tell me what information I need as I really do depend on the payment and my anxiety is going through the roof.


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Hey @reneraws,


If you’ve lost the letter, and need to know what additional requirements, we can get this re-sent over to you!


You’ll just need to send us some info, which you can do on our Facebook or Twitter pages, or by sending an email to If you’d prefer, you could call us on 0330 102 7517, between 8am - 6pm, and we’ll get this sorted for you.


I’d also recommend getting onto our Priority Services Register, as we may be able to offer additional services for you.



Thank you Ed.

Many vulnarable customers with a mental health problem and the elderly (at almost 65 I'm in both of these groups) find this and other similer processes extremely difficult. So difficult in fact, that people often give up at the first hurdle, ie the applicant process.

Please will you bring this to the attention of the powers that be.

May I suggest that vulnerable customers are assigned a specific team or even advised to make  contact with the team for vulnerable customers, this may make the application process less daunting.

In doing so Boost will show its compassionate side and may win you extra customers from these groups.

Thanks for not hitting the generic reply button as hitting that button makes customers believe that boost doesn't really give a dam.

Is their a specific number for vulnerability customers, I have tried that number many times and i have given up. Other utility companies have one.

So if not, why not?

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Hey @reneraws 


We do have a support team who can help our more vulnerable customers. They can be contacted on 0800 0699 831.


Hope that helps,