I've received an annual statement, but I'm no longer a customer?

  • 23 March 2021
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Is this a fake message or is this really from boostpower?

I seem to get one of those every year although i am not one of their customers and have repeatedly asked to not be sent these statements/bills as they are not mine. I was, for a very short period of time with boost, about 3 or 4 years ago before I switched to a direct debit provider.. I have not even lived at the address shown on the bill for the last 2 years .

I called boost on 03301027517 and had to put the phone down the first time as I could not understand the person I was talking to. the second one was a little easier to understand but still with a very strong Asian accent. I then got very suspicious especially after putting me on hold for a very short while she said that she could see I was not a customer.


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Hi @henri2552 

The contact number you’ve listed in your message is definitely us, and I’m sorry for the service you received when getting in touch! 


Some of our agents are based outside of the UK, so may have different accents however this doesn’t affect the service customers receive. 


It’s likely the communications you’ve received are automatic and have been sent in error because you had an account many years ago with us. We can ensure this doesn’t happen again, we’ll just need you to get in touch with our team. 

You can either call them as before, or pop our Facebook and Twitter guys a message! 


Thanks :slight_smile: