How can I find out my economy 7 times?

  • 31 August 2019
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What times are the cheap rates for economy 7 please

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Hi @Gora, welcome to the forum!

If you have a smart meter which was installed by Boost and you know your ‘meter point administration number’ (MPAN), which is listed on your welcome letter / email from Boost, you can confirm your off peak hours using this chart: the first two digits of your MPAN is the ‘Area ID’; the ‘Off peak’ times are on the column second from the right:



Please be advised that the smart meters we install don't adjust for BST. The result of this is that during summer your off peak times will be an hour later than advised above. 


If you don’t know your MPAN, or have another type of meter you'll need to get in touch with your supplier to confirm this. If that’s us, contact us here:


Webchat and Facebook / Twitter:

Monday - Friday


Saturday & Sunday


Bank Holidays



Full Service Phone: 0330 102 7517 (0117 370 1041 from a mobile)

Monday - Friday




Bank Holidays



Emergency Phone: 0330 102 7517 (0117 370 1041 from a mobile)

Monday - Friday


Saturday & Sunday


I have a Smart Pay As You Go meter, what time is the Economy 7 hours? 

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Hey @burnettc1974 - I’ve moved your post over here. Normally smart meters are from midnight to 7am during the winter, and 1am to 8am during BST, but feel free to pop us a message as advised above!

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Hi I am a new Customer


In the past my property had storage heaters. I also want to urgently fit new ones.


How can I tell if an economy enegy tariff is attached to my meter currentl?


If on the stadard tariff how do I apply to get economy energy tariffs allocated to my property?


Thank you

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Hi @CliveLandlord 


Are you referring to Economy 7 meter and tariff, with a peak and off peak meter register?


Let us know your meter type (or better yet, send over a picture) and someone here can confirm how to check if it’s an economy 7 meter.


If it’s a smart meter, it might be something we can change remotely!  

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Hi Tim


Your help would be much appreciated. Sorry for delay in reply only just found your mail.


My new storage heaters are up and running and eating electricity like no tomorrow. I have had various conversations with the support line, but they fill me with no confidence on this issue I am afraid.


It is a Liberty 110 meter

I pressed the various buttons on the meter it tells me

I am on on Ovo variable anytime diversity tariff

from screen 6     PA_E_23-R          &     030_ _940_P     ACT Rate anytime.


What else do you want to know to help me?

Judging by the cost per day, and units used they appear all to be peak cost.


Any help much appreciated.









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Thanks for this info, @CliveLandlord 


You have a S1 ‘Secure’ smart meter. Press 9 to get a reading if it’s single rate, and 6 will be two rate. By the looks of this, it’s not two rate currently:



from screen 6     PA_E_23-R          &     030_ _940_P     ACT Rate anytime.


So reach out to us to request the meter is changed to Economy 7. When this is put in place, you can work out when the off peak kicks in here:




It’s usually at 00:00 or 00:30 GMT, for the next 7 hours

I am on economy 7 and I sit here right now (00:55) still on my day time rate!

I have checked this post and under my area code of 11, I should have been on the night rate for 55 minutes now. Why has it not switched over? It can't be a time issue as surely the meter gets accurate timing from the WAN like most network devices?

This is a serious issue for me as I have a manual storage heater and I have been staying up until midnight just to switch it on. But this means I may have been using my day time rates to charge it! It also explains how I used £3 last night when I estimated it should be closer to £2. I cant stay up all night going to the meter to keep checking for the switch over! I am still awaiting my IHD (two months now) so I have to manually check my usage by checking the meter which is tedious.

Why wouldn't it be switching properly? What am I meant to do for my heating if it isn't switching? How can I get a refund for the additional costs incurred whilst it hasn't been switching? I'm on benefits at the moment and every penny counts

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A great question this one, @RichHaynes.


As you mention finding the regular Economy 7 peak/off-peak times based on your area, I’ve moved your comment over to the relevant thread. It’s also prompted us to make a bit of a content update. I’ve checked with the experts who’ve advised that as the smart meters we install don’t adjust for British Summer Time, your off-peak hours will operate an hour later over summer.


It might be worth adjusting the settings on your storage heaters to compensate for this hour change.


Hope this helps.