How can I close my account when I move out?

  • 14 January 2019
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Need to stop account when i move. What do i do

Best answer by Sophie1983 16 January 2019, 21:51

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Updated 18/09/2020: If you’re moving out, there’s no need to cancel any contracts, just reach out to our Support team once you’re out of the house:  0330 102 7517. More advice here

Hi pop the team a message on Facebook or Twitter to boost but remember to include your account number and address and the lovely tech team will sort this for you. 

Kindest regards
Sophie x

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That number is a joke. Half time it just cuts off
And when you get through its 85 minute hold time.
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Hi @Rchloe

We've been extremely busy in the last couple of weeks after inheriting Economy Energy's customers as they've ceased trading. We're working really hard to bring the queues down and get back to everyone as soon as we can. We appreciate your patience, and we're sorry for any inconvenience caused.

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I have sold the property and no longer live there.
I moved on 25th january 2019


Hi there,
I have moved out and my ex is still using my account to top up.
I really want to deactivate my account (I am house sharing so no longer need my account) He has credit on the account where he has added his card details and topping up himself.
Is there any way this can be deactivated and any credit left over put back on his card.
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That's not good to hear @becky_89!

If you check out @Sophie1983's best answer above, this will help you see how you can reach out to get the account closed down in your name.


I have a contract with boost like payg traditional whether electric or gas I am about to leave this house as I have to cancel the contract.  what can I do?

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Thanks for posting, @Zeeshan anar 


No need to cancel any contracts, just follow the advice in the ‘best answer’ (at the top) and reach out to our Support team once you’re out of the house. 


More advice here:

Im moving home soon and I have some money saved in my Winter Wallet. I would like to withdraw this and I cannot find a telephone number to request it. Ive submitted an online form for help but had no reply. Can anyone help please ?

Thank you

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Hi @rossevs and thanks for posting. 


If you’re moving out and have credit left, just reach out to our Support team once you’re out of the house:  0330 102 7517. More advice here

iv just moved into my house gone with boost but i want to switch to another company anyone know if i can do this? thanks

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Hi @Mason132 


I’ve moved your topic to this existing one in order to get the answer to your question.


If you follow the link in the original topic above, you can get all the information you need in order to get the account closed.


If you switch away, you’ll be charged no exit fees. You just need to get in touch with the new supplier you want to go with and ask them to take you over. They will do everything else for you.