Help! One pay as you go meter, one pay monthly meter

  • 27 March 2018
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After recently moving into a house with my disabled parents we recently tried to signup for Smart PAYG+ as the house was already with OVO Energy (pay monthly bill) on traditional meters. Unfortunately what I thought would be a fairly straight forward process has turned into a rather puzzling and dreadful experience.

About two weeks ago we phoned Boost to arrange to switch to pay as you go and opted for the smart meter option, that was the only reason we agreed to go for a smart meter. A week later an engineer arrived but said the gas meter was unsafe so issued a warning notice (wire bonding, the gas meter isn't secured to the wall and it was too close to the electric meter). The engineer proceeded to do the electric meter and moved the electric meter a little further away from the gas meter. The electric meter is now a smart meter while the gas meter is still a traditional pay monthly/bill meter.

Anyway, Thursday of last week (the same day the engineer did the work) we noticed that it wasn't working as a pay as you go meter so we called Boost and they apologised and said it wasn't put down on the job to be installed as a pay as you go meter and promised this would be corrected within 48 hours.

Today arrives with no change, so we call Boost again. In two different phone calls we were told that, also after looking at some photographs we were also asked to send in of the gas meter, that we need to get the landlady/letting agent to pay for an electrician to do some work on wiring in regards to the gas meter before they'd touch it. In two different phone calls we had different stories, especially that what was told to us on Thursday was no longer the case (jobs are put down as installing a smart meter as a monthly/bill meter then converted to pay as you go, where on Thursday we were told we weren't put down as pay as you go on the engineer's job and that it was a mistake).

We have a gas safety record from a few weeks ago and it says the visual inspection and equipotential bonding were satisfactory with no warnings. We can't exactly go back to the letting agent/landlady and exactly that they pay for work that is now claimed needs to be done.

So, we instead ask Boost if we can just have the electric meter on pay as you go while the gas meter remains on pay monthly/bill. Apparently this can't be done as it will break the account, yet there are other suppliers who will do this without any excuses. Finally we asked if they'd switch the meter back to a traditional pay monthly/bill meter since we only agreed to the smart meter on the basis of being able to go 'pay as you go'. We were told we must pay to do this or alternatively arrange to pay for an electrician to sort out the gas meter fiasco.

What further puzzles me is that Boost's website has an option to have 'pay as you go' for electric only, so I don't understand why we're being refused.

At this point I feel the smart meter was installed on false pretenses and that we were lied to. I'm wondering if anyone else here has had such a dreadful experience?

2 replies

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Hi @pnlewis sorry to hear of the situation you describe above it doesn't sound pleasant at all.

Some aspects (regarding the gas meter and issues surrounding that) I cant advise on, in short the best bet will Be to reach out to Boost customer care team (request to speak to a supervisor if necessary) and ask Boost to put their decision in writing listing all the works required before they will come near your gas meter, once you have this you will be able to get the landlord to do this. It may be challenging to get the landlord to do this but they are legally required to ensure the gas supply is safe and to the legal standard, as soon AS this is done Boost can ensure your account is noted that you need a priority gas meter installation appointment once the works required are done and it's safe to do so.

I notice you switched from OVO to Boost for both Gas and electricity, unfortunately Boost/OVO do not have the capability to transfer customers from PAYG to pay monthly which explains why you are not able to revert back to ovo for your gas supply.

in This situation I advise you contact the customer care team via phone and ask to speak with a supervisor so ownership is taken of this for you and resolved as soon possible and safe to do so. If once you've done this you feel the need, please ask to lodge a complaint to ensure that any lesson she needing to Be learnt are taken onboard.

Please let me know how you get on
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Hey @pnlewis

It really is a shame to hear about your experience and I myself have been left a bit baffled as to what has happened with all of this. The advice you have been given is right though - we’re not able to support a customer with one Pay monthly meter and one Pay as you go meter. OVO is for Pay monthly customers while Boost is for Pay as you go, so it would get pretty complicated.

With that being said, I’m sure there is something we can do to help you out with this one. Just contact our Social team on one of their Social channels below;


I hope you get this resolved soon and if any user has been in a similar position, they’re able to offer you some further advice on this.