Erroneous Transfer FAQ

Erroneous Transfer FAQ
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Updated 18/09/2020

Erroneous Transfer FAQ

What is an Erroneous Transfer?

An erroneous transfer is when a supplier has taken over the wrong supply, and sends you back to your previous supplier.

For example, when you sign up with us, we look up your address in a national database that all suppliers have access to. This database includes your current energy details (such as your meter type, your current/previous suppliers etc...)

Sometimes the details in the list are wrong, or bits are missing, especially if your property is a flat or a new build, and we may try to take over the wrong supply by mistake.

How long does it take to resolve?

In a perfect world, this issue is noticed early on in the process, when a customer is in the cooling off period and the switch can still be cancelled.

Of course this isn’t always the case, so for example if we’ve taken over the wrong supply, we’ll raise this to our dedicated E.T team. They then pass the details of the property to the previous supplier and start the process.

On average it usually takes about 12 weeks, but sometimes this can take longer, and be up to 18.

Due to the timescale of this, some customers prefer/find it quicker to remain with the new supplier for 4-6 weeks while the accounts are validated, and then request a fresh sign up back to us https://switch.boostpower.co.uk/get-quote .

What do I do if my property has been switched by mistake?

If you think your supply has been taken incorrectly, or you’ve cancelled the switch and it’s still gone ahead, you’ll need to contact the supplier directly.

We can also get the E.T process started.

How can you take over my supply without my consent?

This can happen if the person signing up the property has signed up the incorrect address. Unfortunately this is an industry wide process, so it can happen to anyone.

Also, not everyone who switches away from their supplier will get in touch to let them know.

With our prepayment customers, you’re not in a fixed contract so we don't uphold any exit fees, therefore you’re free to switch at any point.

We wouldn't put a stop to a customers switch unless they asked us to, or if we have a reason, such as a large debt amount which would be an objection.

How do I pay for my energy?

During the E.T process, you don’t pay the “new” supplier, because you’re returning to your previous supplier. (We treat it as if the switch hasn’t happened).

However, when you return to your supplier you’ll need to pay them for the time since you “switched”. You’ll receive a bill for the usage you’ve used around 6 weeks after you’ve switched back to us.

We’d recommend you set your weekly top up amount aside or in a savings account to avoid paying off a debt upon your return.

We understand customers don’t always do this or are unaware of the situation. So a repayment rate can be arranged.

I have smart meters, what does credit mode mean?

When you switch to a new supplier, your smart meter should be automatically put into a credit mode, this means you‘ll have ongoing supply of gas and electricity.

Can I still top up with if my meters are Smart PAYG Standard?

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to continue to top up your meters, and they’ll stay in credit mode until your supply’s returned to us. In this scenario we’d encourage you to pop the money aside as advised above. Once you’ve returned to us, you’ll receive a statement with a breakdown of your usage, and a repayment rate will be offered to you.

I have a key/card meter, can I still top up with Boost?

With traditional key and card meters, you’ll be able to continue to top up with our key/cards. This ensures you’ll pay our rates and nothing will essentially change for you.

What happens in an emergency?

Even though we’re bringing your supply back to Boost, in an emergency situation you’ll need to contact the new supplier, as they’re responsible for your meter.

An emergency situation might be that you’re off supply because your meter has a fault, you’re unable to top up and your key and/card has stopped working or has been misplaced.



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This is so frustrating, I just dont know what is going on :-

1, Boost sent me a message about a month ago saying my electricity is being switched to another          supplier,

2, Telephoned Boost and was told Bulb Energy are taking my electricity account, too late to stop it.

3, Contacted Bulb Energy by email they replied that the switch was stopped.

4, Emailed Boost to let them know, then got a reply that the switch would be objected too and I am staying with Boost.

5, Another message from Boost saying my Electricity supplier is changing.

6, I have not been charged for Electricity since the 17th of December

7, Telephoned Boost and was told it is because British Gas are taking over my electricity supply.

8, I now have to contact British Gas, they have not contacted me in any way.

9, All this is very stressful and none of my fault, all of it has not been requested by me.

10, Is it some sort of scam by people trying to get commision for energy switches.

11, Surely a switch should only take place if the customer directly requests it.

Is this one of the worst years ever?

Just been chatting to British Gas and they have no record of the switch at all.

Told me to tell Boost, crazy.

Sent an email to hello@boostpower.co.uk

Explainig that British Gas know nothing about the switch. British Gas have checked and have no record of it.

Reply from Boost “Contact Customer Services.”

Just keep going round in circles.


Had enough, contacted Utilita and have signed up with them.

Just for the record, switches should not be put into action without contacting the customer.

Possibly just a mistake but why was I not told about any of it.

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Sorry to hear about this, @AlanM - please see the FAQ topic I moved your post to for more info. 


It sounds like I’m too late to help with this. However, starting a new switch tends to be the best action if it’s too late to cancel. Whether that be from Bulb to Boost, or now it seems, from Bulb to Utilita. 


For more info on what can cause these bizarre issues, see above.  

Thanks for the reply Tim. I did not know what else I could do. It got very frustrating. Utilita have sent me a welcome booklet. Bulb Energy or British Gas have sent me nothing, so the problem appears to be just with Boost. When I phoned to tell support the whole saga and say I have applied to switch to Utilita, she said what do you want me to do about it?. I said put it on record that I am moving to Utilita and talk to the customers before initiating a switch.

Hi there,


We recently had an errouneous transfer from our usual supply company over to Boost at our address but under a different name. We then also, within less than 12 hours of the unwated supply change, had both our gas and electric cut by Boost resulting in over 4 hours with no power or heating during snowy weather with two young children in the house and two adults who needed to work from home as well as nearly £1000 debt added to our meter. To be re-connected we have had to have our whole smart meter system replaced (which we will have to re-replace to return to our previous supplier!)

Although we now have our supply returned and some emergency credit issued (although not with a company that we chose nor with an account under our name) we are now trying to submit a complaint via email however the email keeps getting rejected as it is not linked to a current account’s email or name, which, as mentioned above, we don’t actually have an account with Boost ourselves.

We don’t have access to the account details beyond the name on the account and our address (which is all explained in the complaint letter) so can’t provide these in the email or use the email address linked to the account. We seem to be going in circles and just want the situation resolved. What email can we send this complaint letter to?

Just to add to this, we rang up the boost line again to ask how we are going to get the letter read by anyone who deals with complaints, to get our 4th rejection of the letter as it's not from the email linked to the account… Which as it was nothing to do with us, we don't know the person’s email address and have no access to it (funnily enough as that's our main complaint). So again, who am I meant to email this letter to?

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I’m really very sorry to hear about your Erroneous Transfer situation @ian46.


It’s reassuring to hear you’ve managed to get yourselves back over to your previous supplier. Please check out the topic above to get some idea of how things like this can happen. From what you’ve described, it quite possible somebody has tried to switch to us, but mixed their supply details with yours.


In regards to trying to raise a complaint, in most cases you should be able to get one raised and escalated to Boost complaints team through an agent over the phone directly, on 0330 1027517, between 8am - 8pm, Monday to Friday.


Here’s a full breakdown of our complaints procedure for your information too.


All the best,

@Bradley_Boost Hello. Sorry to bring this thread back up but we are still trying to raise the issue with complaints. Since your advice, we have had two further emails rejected because ‘it is not the correct email linked to the account’ and we have had two calls to the customer services team cut off from your end after being on hold for almost an hour both times. Each time the customer service agent says ‘they will see what they can do’ which is to cut us off apparently.


It's not going well really and getting borderline unacceptable when all we are trying to do is send over a digital letter. I don't want to have to bypass boost and go straight to the ombudsman, but we are getting nowhere with this complaint as it stands. 


How else can I have my letter actually accepted and not fobbed off as seems to be the way at the moment?

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That’s very frustrating @ian46.


If you have social media, you can always get in touch with us on Facebook or Twitter.


This might be the best method if your calls are being disconnected for some reason, and we’ll be able to update your email address (or at least understand what’s causing the emails to bounce back).




I was moved to Boost without my permission yesterday (from Octopus and credit account) and will soon run out of electricty (£3 left). I’ve called customer services 5 times in the last 24 hours and get nowhere.


I need to be moved to a credit account from pre-pay or given a top up card number so i can at least keep the elctricty working



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Hi there , welcome to boost you will need a smartphone or tablet or pc also you will need WiFi networks so you can go online. For PC/laptop put boost.co.uk in the browser and it should take you to the boost site you may need to register your details.for the smartphone or tablet goto the app store and put boost in browser then download the app again you might have to register your details,, you will need WiFi networks to do all this like.. lastly you could ring them up on 0330 102 7517 and speak with customers service it could take some time to get through onces through they should be able to help you out..to be honest with you boost as a minimum spend of £20 aweek I found this a big shock it was like my usage had double just because economy energy stop trading and moved everyone to boost,,lastly when this is brought up with boost customer service they simply reply you can leave us you do know don't you

Thanks for the reply, but i don’t want to be with Boost and never have. I just want my electricity to be on credit not pre-pay. 

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@Coventrykp - I can appreciate your concern with the situation, I’ve moved your post here as there’s some really helpful information on how it can happen, and what happens next.


@Jason45 is right, you’ll need to get in touch with us, and we’ll get this process started for you, and make sure you don’t go off supply.


As mentioned, you can call us on 0330 102 7517, or if you’d prefer, send us a message to our Facebook or Twitter pages to inform us of the issue.


I’ve reported an erroneous transfer, as well as reporting having had unrequested prepaid gas cards sent to my home address on multiple occasions. I am in the middle of having my supply returned to British Gas after you transferred my gas across regardless of me reporting this to you TWO TIMES!

There is clearly an account set up to my home address in another persons name; I have reported this the Action Fraud UK. What action are Boost Energy UK taking to stop this from happening again once my gas supply has been returned to British Gas. I am currently without gas to my home and my combi-boiler is broken after my gas was cut off without warning.

I have been told on multiple occasions that your complaints department will phone me back, yesterday I was finally able to prise my complaints number from your twitter account. My complaint number is 07757465.


Can someone please tell me what is going on; I would like some ideas of what action you are taking so that I can address all issues properly in my complaint to the Energy Ombudsman.


Thank you

Patrick Keech

Now that I’ve read some of the above posts, it seems like you have some serious problems with your transfers; you’ve clearly got someone barraging your transfer system with addresses that they’ve stolen from somewhere and your resilience procedures aren’t good enough to stop these transfers being followed through. 

You reject emails from concerned members of the public because they’re not attached to the account or address that they reporting the problem with. When the problem is that there’s an ERRONEOUS EMAIL ADDRESS ATTACHED TO THE PROPERTY, not the other way round. They system that you have in place is not good enough to stop this problem from occurring. This is clearly Boost Energy UKs fault, and it’s something that you need to admit to immediately and correct your information systems to stop this from occurring again in the future.

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Hey @PatrickKeech - I’ve moved your post over here, as it’ll be great for others to see who are in the same position.


I’m sorry to hear you’re having issues getting this one sorted. If you’re off supply, please call the team on 0330 102 7517 to get something sorted for you. If it’s an erroneous transfer, the team should find a way to keep you on supply until the transfer is complete.


It’s great to see you have a complaint raised, you should hear back within a week or so.


In terms of us putting in action to prevent this from happening again, there’s not a whole lot we’re able to unless it actually happens. The energy industry is highly regulated, which means there’s certain things we’re unable to do. In this instance, we wouldn’t be able to stop someone from requesting a switch to or from us, so this incident could potentially happen again, if someone requests a switch with your property details.


You should, however, get a notification from your current supplier to let you know that the supply is being switched away. At this point, you can call us and explain the situation, and we should be able to cancel it there and then with no further action needed, as it’d be within the 14 day cooling-off period.


I really hope you manage to get this one sorted with the Complaints Team, it’d be great to get any updates here from you, so we can see how this one evolves.






The situation above has actually happened; I informed British Gas (my energy supplier), who told me that I should also inform Boost; I had an email from British Gas telling me that the transfer had been cancelled. I then received a Prepaid Gas card to my home address. This immediately tells me that this is not someone setting up an account in my building and accidentally giving someone my meter number by accident. The card has been sent to my address. This is similar to all of the complaints above. Someone else is setting up a transfer to our home addresses. We then can’t communicate with Boost about it because you’re sending all of your correspondence to an email address that is either fictitious, or belongs to a malicious third party that is not occupant at this address.

This has happened twice, and I was later informed that the process was stopped at your companies request; leading to me Gas supply being transferred, and since I do not have a prepay gas meter, my supply has been defacto cut off. I suspect that you have contacted the email address associated with this account to arrange fitting a prepaid meter… and they haven’t responded to you… because… they don’t exist. What I am upset about, is that it doesn’t seem that anyone has actually followed this up.

Presumably there is an email chain somewhere about a prepaid gas account that doesn’t have a prepaid meter attached to it… and no-one at boost seems to care one of their customers is freezing to death in the bleak mid winter?

All steps are being taken by British Gas to return my account to them.

My major concern is that no action is being taken about the email address that is erroneously attached to my home address.


Can you please give me the address of the correct person at you company to whom I should direct a freedom of information request so that I can investigate this matter futher. 

Alternatively, your complaints department could get hold of me by email. There are issues about this that I am not comfortable sharing in a public forum. And quite frankly I find the fact that this is only only way that I am able to have any level of dialog with your company utterly absurd!

Right… okay… and now I’ve just been told that Boost Energy are rejecting my request to have my account transferred back to British Gas. That’s awful.

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@PatrickKeech - I completely appreciate not wanting to provide certain details here, there’s a couple of ways to get in touch with us.


  • You can call us on 0330 102 7517. They’re available 8am - 8pm weekdays, or 9am - 5pm weekends.
  • You can email us at hello@boostpower.co.uk.
  • You can send us a message to our Facebook or Twitter pages.

The Complaints Team will be in touch as well, so you can wait for this as well.


I’m really not sure why we would be rejecting the request to transfer, I can see we are in the process of sorting this out with British Gas, so there should be no issues with it, as both parties are trying to accomplish the same thing. Was this advised by British Gas, as I can’t see on our systems that we’ve objected.




I’ve been advised by British Gas today that this reversal has been rejected and that they’re applying again. I have spoken to your teams by phone and been advised that I will be contacted by your complaints team within 5 days. They have not contacted me. I have contacted you by email. Your email teams will only reply to the email address associated with the account registered at my address (please note where I have mentioned this in my previous post; this is also a recurring theme in all of the posts in this thread, your company does not communicate with people that are trying to stop erroneous transfers because a third party has added an erroneous email address to your system.) I have sent messages to your twitter account, who have informed me that someone from the complaints department will contact me within 5 days.

Your complaints department do not contact me; I am presuming that is because I do not have the email address associated with my address. I own my property and I am the sole occupant; at no point in the validation process for your new customer have you confirmed that they have any association with my property.

At the moment you are the only person at Boost who has actually read anything that I’ve communicated to you and responded.

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Hi @PatrickKeech 

If you’ve escalated a complaint then they usually get in touch with you over the phone to resolve this. Did you leave your contact number with the team to pass this on? If not, please pop our Twitter team a message with this info and this can be passed on. When they get in touch they’ll be able to discuss the status of the E.T. 


Hi Emily, my complaint number is 07757465, I’ve emailed and called number plus times. You should be able to trace everything using the email address attached to this account. If you want any proof of identification I’ll be happy to email you a copy of my passport, my driving license, my veterans ID card, and copies of my bills; I can even take a photo of me standing next to my gas meter if you want.

I first contacted Boost in December, then again in January, and then I thought that I’d complained on 4th of February? What is going on?