Energy Saving Top Tips Collection

  • 29 August 2019
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Welcome to the Top Tips Collection, a regularly updated post that will keep all of the top tips in one place!

Below are links to all the Top Tips since the very first one was posted all the way back on 11th July 2019!

Top Tip #1: Turn off standby appliances - £30

Top Tip #2: Turn down your thermostat - £75

Top Tip #3: Wash your clothes at 30° - £52

Top Tip #4: Change your shower head - £75

Top Tip #5: Don’t waste water when washing up! - £25

Top Tip #6: Don’t use a tumble dryer to dry your clothes - £66

Top Tip #7: Watch how long you’re in the shower - £7 per person

Top Tip #8: Wrap them windows! - £300

Top Tip #9: Change Them light bulbs! - £270

Top Tip #10: Cook in batches - £60

Total Savings so far - £921

2 replies

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Why do I seem to be paying more and more for my electric and gas.. right my balance was into my emergency credit and it was showing -£1.90 or something like that ,,on my way home I top up £5 ,so when I got home I got a text message telling me credit was running low, so I login into my account and the balance was showing £1.60 in credit,,how do I find out if my meter is running correctly because something doesn't seem right to me..also it seems to be showing different amounts of money like it's been taken off every hour, but according to boost it updates it's self at 12 midnight and then between 5/8am it show's you what you have use that day, so why is my credit displaying different amounts everytime when I login ,,also that 24hrs emergency credit thing you are making out like it's a faver and agreat thing you're doing for us , well it's not the only thing that does is force the customer to top up or do with out.lastly the in display meter which shows you how much credit you have got this  is estimated and boost will tell you you need the boost  app for your real balance,,how can I tell if boost are ripping me off..when I was with economy energy my usage and what I paid was way cheaper than what am paying with boost now.£20 on economy energy would last longer than 7days even a £5 would last 3days.. forward now to boost am paying paying£3/4 everyday,

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@Jason45 I’ve moved your question here, as @Ed_Boost has put together some great energy saving tips and advice that may help. 

We have many different support paths to help customers, from money saving tips to making their home more energy efficient, you can find more info below: Centre for Sustainable Energy can give you free tailored advice on saving energy: https://www.cse.org.uk/. Energy Saving Trust has lots of free practical help with cutting your energy use, and bills: https://energysavingtrust.org.uk/. 


A lot of customers feel they're spending a little more at the moment, however this isn’t unusual. We expect customers' usage to increase due to the cold and dark weather, which would mean you’re naturally spending more. However, this year we have the added impact of lockdown where we are home more, and using more energy.