Energy Saving Top Tip #8

  • 5 September 2019
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Hi there, tip-top top-tippers!!

Have you got FOMO (fear of missing out) from missing out on an ESTT (energy saving top tip)? DW (don’t worry), we’ve C (created) a Top Tip Collection, so you can catch up on all the helpful savings! Follow this link to get up to speed on all the drama on Albert Square.

This is an extra special top tip, as it’s a tradition of mine to do this every winter, so brace yourselves, this just got personal!


Energy Saving Top Tip #8: Wrap them windows! - £300

The most common place you’re going to lose heat is through windows, and shutting the curtains doesn’t help much. You could board up your windows for the winter, but unfortunately, vitamin D is a thing, and you won’t feel too good without it.

So get bubble wrapping!

All you need to do is squirt some water on your windows (not a lot, just a very fine layer from a spray bottle) and this will stick the bubble wrap to the windows. Not only does this insulate your windows, it also makes it look like a) you’re underwater, or b) like you have colourless, stain-glass windows.

For a single-glazed window, this can reduce heat loss by 50%!!! That’s an incredible saving, on average, this could save a household roughly £300! That’s the equivalent of 2m x 5m of astroturf, so you can redo your house up like our offices!

Here’s a picture of our office with my 3 best friends for reference:

I know what you’re thinking - “You can’t be friends with a fake cow and 2 fake ducks!?” I’m referring to the space hoppers behind them.



So far with these tips, we have saved enough for:

120 Mr Freeze Pops
85 Kinder Eggs
1 UV protective golf hat
1 karaoke set
1 medical dog vest
1 giant Pingu plush toy
1 Executive Aluminium Door Sign or 1 Ultimate Spiderman backpack per person
2m x 5m of astroturf

Monetary value - £651


If you can think of a Tip that you want to share with us, drop a comment below and your name will be forever praised in the collection!

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