Energy Saving Top Tip #6

  • 22 August 2019
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Hi, fellow top-tip-seekers!

Believe it or not, us moderators do have lives and hobbies outside of energy. I, for example, love… Actually, I have no interest in the world outside of this forum, but the others do!

@Emily_Boost has stuck an article up as she’s curious about what you’re all gonna be doing with this sunny weather. Jump over to the topic here to get the conversation started!

On to our weekly top tip!


Energy Saving Top Tip #6: Don’t use a tumble dryer to dry your clothes - £66

Why not take advantage of the warmer weather by using it to save you a bit of money? Tumble dryers, although really handy, use a fair amount of electricity, when you could be hanging them up outside for free. I know it’s a pain having clothes airers all over the house in the winter, but put them in a circle, you can make yourself a (rather damp) fort! Stop using the tumble dryer, and you’ll save yourself around £66 per year! That’s the equivalent of this giant Pingu and Pinga stuffed plush toy!



So far with these tips, we have saved enough for:

120 Mr Freeze Pops
85 Kinder Eggs
1 UV protective golf hat
1 karaoke set
1 medical dog vest
1 giant Pingu plush toy

Monetary value - £323


Any top tips you’d like us to share? Drop us a comment below, and we’ll be sure to stick you in the top tips hall of fame!

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