Energy Saving Top Tip #5

  • 8 August 2019
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Hello again, another week, another tip!

For all the newbies to this forum, we have another weekly series, How To! It’s not affiliated with the 90's kids show How 2 (we reached out to the presenters, but they said they “weren’t interested”). It shows you how to use this forum effectively so you can get involved!

Silence please, here comes this weeks top tip.


Energy Saving Top Tip #5: Don’t waste water when washing up! - £25

When you wash up, you’re actually paying twice: once for the water itself, and once for heating it. My tip today is to use a washing up bowl instead of washing the dishes under the running tap; give your dishes a relaxing bath instead of a shower. This would save you about £25 a year, which is the equivalent of this magnificent medical pet vest for dogs!



So far with these tips, we have saved enough for:

120 Mr Freeze Pops
85 Kinder Eggs
1 UV protective golf hat
1 karaoke set
1 medical dog vest

Monetary value - £257


Anyone got any top tips for us to publish? Please help us out, send us some top tips in the comments below so we can feature them!

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