Energy Saving Top Tip #10

  • 3 October 2019
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Energy Saving Top Tip #10
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Top tippers, We’ve let you down.


Last week, we were unable to get a top tip to you, and for that I am sorry.


We’ve been quite busy with the winter creeping up, meaning more of you are getting worried about your future winter usage. To make sure you’re able to keep an eye on your daily usage, I’d strongly recommend getting smart meters fitted. It gives you so much more info on how much you're using.


On that note, onto top tip number ten!




Energy Saving Top Tip #10: Cook in batches - £60


I once managed to make beans on toast with only 4 trips to the burns ward, so I’ve retired from the cooking scene, but I know some of you are avid chefs with many mouths to feed.


It costs about £90 a year to cook with an electric hob every day for about 30 minutes. So instead of cooking something new every day, why not cook once every 3 days, and reheat? 


Variety is the spice of life, so some people even freeze the 2 portions, cook 3 lots of something else, and then cycle between the two meals.


The same goes with batch cooking in ovens, try to minimize the space not being used, as no one likes to waste heat.


Reducing your cooking to once every 3 days could save you around £60, that’s enough for this beautiful booster car seat for dogs and puppers!



And because I couldn’t give you a tip last week:


BONUS TOP TIP: Keep the oven door shut/open!


Opening the oven door whilst cooking lets out a lot of heat, the oven then has to work harder to get back up to the desired temperature. This is why they have a little window, so you can have a look at your food and pretend it’s a T.V.


But when you’ve finished cooking, keep that oven door open BECAUSE it lets out a load of heat. You can heat your kitchen pretty effectively with this method, which is a definite need in the colder months!






So far with these tips, we have saved enough for:


120 Mr Freeze Pops 

85 Kinder Eggs

1 UV protective golf hat

1 karaoke set

1 medical dog vest

1 giant Pingu plush toy

1 Executive Aluminium Door Sign or 1 Ultimate Spiderman backpack per person

2m x 5m of astroturf

5 Lego Arc De Triomphes

1 booster car seat for dogs


Monetary value - £981




Just so you know, we now have a Top Tips Collection, which is an archive for all of these! If you think of a Tip that you want to share with us, your name will be forever praised in the collection!

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Iv got a tip don't have Boost as your supplier.