Emergency on a weekend - what should I do?!

  • 27 November 2019
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Emergency on a weekend - what should I do?!
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Updated on 05/02/2021 - We now have the Care Team available to call everyday. This information is still important if you go off supply when the Care Team are shut though.


There may be a point over the weekend when you need some help, we want to make sure you're aware of where you can go in an emergency. We’ve split this list up for those who have traditional top up meters and those who have smart.


Traditional PAYG (Non-smart)

  • Battery fail or an error code? Get help here
  • Lost your top up key or card? Get help here


Smart PAYG 

  • FAQ topic guide on common questions and issues here
  • Battery fail or an error code? Get help here 
  • Lost your top up cards? Check this out!
  • Meter not reconnecting? Have a look here


If you try these options, and none of them work, here are our contact details for the weekend:


Phone - 0330 102 7517 - available Saturday and Sunday 9am - 5pm

Facebook - available Saturday and Sunday 9am - 5pm

Twitter - available Saturday and Sunday 9am - 5pm

24 replies

First time I used my new card my meter broke. This was on Friday 28/02 

rang customer service and they said they will send an engineer within the next 4 hours. No one turned up! Obv I can’t get through on a sat or Sunday I was left with no gas and 2 young children. I’m not on social media so couldn’t contact the Facebook page. My friend finally spoke to somebody on Facebook and they called me and sent an engineer round. He put 10 pound on for me emergency credit and told me to wait for my new card. It’s now Thursday 05/03 and I haven’t got my new card and I’ve ran out of emergency credit and once again off supply. So I called customer services who have no idea what I’m talking about, they ask me is it a smart meter! I have no idea what the difference is as my old one wasn’t a smart meter. They checked there side and said oh it’s not. Here’s a code take it to the shop and get a new card. I have now been to 5 shops and no one has the cards. I have no realised I have got a Smart meter because I googled it. 
I have been trying to call customer services now for over an hour with no luck why do I do now!!!!! 
I am freezing once again with 2 children due to boost and there incompetence!!

i asked for compensation as the engineer didn’t turn up Friday and I was offered 10 pound as I’m not on a smart meter! Don’t no how that makes sense but anyway I am on a smart meter and as stated in an email I’m entitled to 30 pound. 
I just don’t no what to do right now!!


How are customers supposed to get help if you can't call out of hours because they isn't an emergency number, I have no heating because my smart gas meter isn't working properly and causing my boiler to cut out after a minute every time I reset it, I've had a gas engineer out tonight to check everything, he has told me the meter was showing that it had no gas on when there is money on my account, it's absolutely freezing, I have my small children in my house, how am I supposed to keep the house warm or give them a bath when I have this problem, I've sent messages hours ago on your Facebook page like it's suggests as it's after hours and it's the weekend and nobody has answered me 

They still have not updated my email address on their system! Went to top up at the shop! Card is not accepting payment and electric is on a few pence its Sunday and offices are closed....what can I do??

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Sorry to hear about your situation, @Louize1987 @SJTN @Reens5 ,


I’ve moved your topic to this one to make sure you’re fully aware of the emergency support we offer over weekends at Boost.


If you had any appointment where the engineer failed to turn up, you may be entitled to £30 compensation. Just send the Boost team a message via their Facebook page here, or send a quick email to hello@boostpower.co.uk.


All the best,

My gas meter has stopped working I have no gas supply at all coming into my property. I have phoned the appropriate numbers and cannot get in touch with anyone. I have also phoned the emergency gas number and they have said as there is no leak they can't help. I cannot go another day without a gas supply as I have no way of cooking for myself without it 

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@ptambling I’ve moved your topic over here, as it’s relevant. Have a look at Bradley’s article for further info!




The office is closed & theres no out of hours number to ring. Ive been on Facebook but my phone won't allow me to download messenger so can't ask for help on there. I have no gas with children & baby. Can someone help?

Why is every reply given by boost team to questions about an emergency number for out of hours the same? 'please ring boost'  they say, but it's Saturday night & every form of contact is flipping closed!!                              How do us parents with young children/babies manage now??

Still no gas.....

Been on hold for an hour since 8am got through got cut off, rang again waited 25min lady i spoke to put me on hold & was cut off again! 😱  bad service 

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Hey @Beth1 


I appreciate its not the weekend anymore, but I do hope you manged to reach out to the Boost team now to get this sorted out. I’ve moved your topic here to help you with your situation.


It’s worth keeping this page handy as it advises of all the avenues available to you when you encounter an emergency over the weekend and who you need to contact.


All the best,

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Why can’t phone lines be open on a Sunday for extra support especially for the elderly etc? Surely its not right to leave someone basically stuck because they aren't on social media.

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I appreciate what you’re saying @garethc44,


Unfortunately, this isn't something we have available at the moment. It’s quite possible Boost will introduce this in the future.


You can rest assured that as soon as this changes, we’ll update the information here.


Please be aware that we can speak to anyone via social media on behalf of anyone who’s dealing with an emergency but cannot reach out personally.





Absolutely furious 😡 


I am classed as as vulnerable and when calling Boost earlier to tell them about a issue with our gas meter I was informed that a engineer would be out within 3 hours and they also then added me to their vulnerable list. 

The allotted time they gave me has no passed and no sign of any engineer and no way of contacting the company as it’s now out of hours and they don’t have a out of hours number. 

How is this even acceptable?  

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@CJ77RJ66 - That’s not good at all, I hope you’ve managed to get this sorted by now. If not, please get in touch, so we can get this sorted for you.


i have been try trying all weekend and for hours today to call the customer services of boost but the phone keeps disconnecting after the person reads out the options and I press one!

i am literally at the end of my tether now, after browsing the entire website I'm still unable to find any help for my traditional old style card meter. 
why is there literally no phone numbers on any of the meter information pages?!!!! 
i am in emergency credit and below £1 credit now


i have tried 4 new gas cards but none have worked, the first one registered in the meter when I put it in, I then took it to the shop and got a Topup - this added credit to the meter - since then however I've been unable to Topup! 
every time I get a new card and insert into that meter it beeps, displays £0.00 on card but when I take it to the shop none of their machines can top it up! All say invalid service or unable to topup



as I've no other way of getting credit on the meter

i have been using the British Gas cards

and have tried both pay point and payzone (paypoint worked the first time only)

On reading other topics in the forum it seems that asking may have been futile and it doesn't seem I will get a resolution  today or even this week judging from other experiences! 
what an absolute shambles boost energy is

i have also enquired from over 20 local pay points for an ovo card but no one has them!!!!

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So sorry to learn about this experience, @Nazam 


The frustrating thing for me is that there will be a reason for those cards not working. It requires identifying, and then the correct action taken, so contact with our Support team is essential for this. 


To make things worse, getting through to Support sounds to have been almost impossible. We’re taking calls, so not sure what has happened when you try. Call details and alternative channels outlined here:


Phone - 0330 102 7517 



I av no electric supply it is late night Mt meter is faulty how do I get someone to come out 

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@rachymac75 - I’ve moved your post over here, as this info is very relevant for your situation.


I hope you’ve managed to get this sorted by now, but if not, please call us on 0330 102 7517, as the team are available until 8pm now.




Only just got 9t done but now got no food as all defrosted 

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Glad to hear you got back on supply @rachymac75, shame about the food though.


Whilst we can’t guarantee a refund for defrosted food, it may be worth contacting us to look into compensation, if it was caused by an issue that was our fault. You could call us on 0330 102 7517, or send us a message to our Facebook or Twitter pages.


Here’s a link to our complaints procedure (under clause 24), so you know what to expect if you decide to go down this route.




If all ready then pitchers of the food like I was asked to and emailed them off but still no response 

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@rachymac75 - any response to your email with the pictures yet?