Emergency Credit Amounts and Disconnection Times

  • 14 September 2018
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I was on Utilita and once ran out of credit you was able to go and use Emergency credit which was £15.00 each on Gas and Electricity. This was enough to get me by till i was able to top up again. This could of lasted for over a week. This 24hr period is worrying.
Plus I was told I was entitled to warm discount. How do I get this ?

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hi @Msj1979 thanks for the post & DM.

to summarise - in short boost give you £5 emergency credit per meter if on standard prepay meters and 24hours emergency credit if payg+ (I believe the later applies to you as you're a payg+ customer with the app

boost will never cut off supply over a weekend and bank holiday and should you find yourself short with no way of topping up and need fuel drop the customer care team a message who can help arrange for a £30 loan at a £1 day (normally) repayment to cover you until you can top up. in this scenario you'd need to call the boost customer care team for help to get back on supply.

re the warm home discount - boost aren't taking applications as yet however do check this post out which contains the link to preregister your interest https://forum.boostpower.co.uk/getting-extra-help-and-support-29/warm-home-discount-2018-getting-ready-to-apply-504

hope this helps anything else please post below, have a wonderful weekend!

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