Credit where Credit is due (good customer service story)

  • 16 December 2019
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I posted a week back, about my terrible experience with Boost. After having new meters installed in November, I’d been left without the ability to use my online app. I’d been passed around multiple times, and left on hold for nearly 12 hours over the course of 2 weeks, and had various promises of 24-48 hour guaranteed connection broken.

On Friday I phoned again, and spoke to a girl named Xolile (I hope I have that correct) and I told her that she cant help, and I need to speak to management… as I’d already dealt with entry level people dozens of times, as well as escalations about 7 times and everyone constantly lied, or broke promises.  But Xolile wanted to solve my problem. I was, admittedly, a bit annoyed. No one had been able to do it, and now a random customer service person decided she could do it… even though no one else could.

Well, I was in for a shock. She managed to immediately call the relevant teams, found out what the problem was (simple really, they’d set my app to monthly billing instead of daily so it would not connect until Dec 23d… she changed it immediately) she found out what happened to my winter home discount, and added the value right away, and gave me the £50 credit good will I was promised but never had added. 

In 30 minutes, she did what no one else had been able to do in 3 weeks. My account is now back and running perfectly as it had done before this mess.

So If a team member can please get in touch with Xolile. Please tell her thank you, we have a disabled person in the home, and the lack of ability to see the bills was causing her great anxiety. She solved it efficiently, as everyone else should have done, and has made it so this problem is not hanging over our heads until the new year (prior to my call, we’d been given a date of January 13th to fix it)

I felt the need to write a post when the service was bad, It’s only fair I write one to acknowledge what a great job Xolile did too.

1 reply

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This is a great read, @psychoduck , I’m so glad you’ve managed to get this sorted, and you’re no longer having to worry!


I’ll certainly pass your comments on to Xolile, I’m sure she’ll be happy to hear it’s all sorted!


As you have a disabled person in the home, I’d have a look into the Priority Services Register if you haven’t already, we may be able to offer you additional help if required.