Bad service when calling up to fix log in issue - leaving Boost

  • 30 November 2017
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The promise of a new name as always just means nothing but the whole service turning into something that has fallen from a dogs bottom. Cant log in to the app, cant reset password as email address not recognised, customer service might as well be called the listen to bewitched at a stupid volume until your ears bleed line. Wait 20 minutes being told there are no other calls in front of mine and then of course the most worthless customer service person in the world who cant even remember why I called 1 minute after telling her. Did she solve the problem? Nope gave me spiel about technical difficulties. Sounded about as interested in solving my problem as she is the in the contents of the toilet paper after wiping her bottom.

The move to boost(a stupid name for an energy company that will be lost in the google search ocean of energy companies that use the word in their sales shtick) has been a typical failure with the typical sycophant moderators and shills trying to downplay the garbage service being trotted out. Why fix what isnt broken? Did someone listen to the bosses dimwit child at the ideas table or something?

Anyway, garbage service and when I told what is laughingly called customer service that Id be leaving, she once again couldnt have cared less. So goodbye ovo, its a shame that hipster trash boost is wearing your dead flesh.

2 replies



£10 a day for electricity! 😱

I'm heading over to E Energy who does a winter tariff saving me £55 a year on both gas & electric!

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Cant log in to the app, cant reset password as email address not recognised

It's not great to hear about your experience, @Dallas and that you've decided to find a new supplier.

We were indeed having some issues with My Boost and the app, for an hour or so yesterday evening. This is all sorted now but I'm sorry to hear how this effected you.

We'd very much like for you to stay as part of the Boost community, but if you do choose to move on, we hope you find the right supplier for you!