Standing Charge F.A.Q

  • 31 July 2019
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Standing Charge F.A,Q

What is Standing Charge?
The daily standing charge covers the cost of delivering energy to your home, providing customer services and maintaining your meters.

Standing Charge covers the cost that we incur for the day to day maintenance and operating cost of a customer supply excluding any extraneous meter/supply work (the stuff we charge for).

Why do I need to pay the standing charge?
This is a cost that the property owner or tenant is liable for, not one that the energy supplier cover. Every supplier will incur that cost for each customer but some suppliers present it in different ways, some include it in the tariff and some have “membership fees”.

We use a standing charge, so that we don’t have to use structured unit prices like other suppliers do. We believe our way is honest, transparent and much simpler.

Do our standing charges prices change?
Since the cost of supplying energy to your home goes up and down, your standing charges are subject to change too. However we’ll always give you 30 days notice before any changes are made

What is standing charge debt?
Customers who have traditional prepayment meters for their gas supply tend not to top up their meters up in the summer because they’re not using it as much.
However, it’s important to continue topping up as the meter will continue to clock the standing charge costs and result in a debt amount if no payments are made.

Why was your standing charge more last week?
If you notice that there’s a larger than usual standing charge, look at the days before. What can happen is the meter fails to send us your usage info on a particular day (usually due to a temporary signal disruption) which means no standing charge will get taken. This charge will then be applied to the next day, which will be a standing charge a little more than normal to cover this cost.

"I'm no longer with you but my online account is still charging me a standing charge"
It's likely your PAYG+ account has just remained active in error, and we're yet to close this. Don't worry we'll be able to see how much credit was left on the account from the day you left us and still refund you the right amount.

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If you have any other questions relating to this, pop it below and we'll get back to you ☺

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