Spring has sprung!

  • 26 March 2019
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It seems like Winter has dragged on for a long time this year! But with high pressure building, the weather is settling and temperatures are set to rise across the UK. Spring has finally reared its head, it seems!

With warmer weather on the cards, we can hopefully turn the central heating off and spend some more time outdoors. This means the amount we're spending on gas and electricity will start coming down. This is the kind of pattern we’d expect to see across a 12 month period:

If the summer’s anything like last year, we might be able to turn the heating off completely for a good few months! If you do end up doing this, be aware that you still need to cover your daily standing charge, to avoid a standing charge debt building up on your gas meter. More information about this here.

What has everyone got planned for the warmer months ahead? Any trips or travels? Personally, I can’t wait to sit in a sunny pub garden! 😎🍺

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