When we joined Boost, we were quoted £16 a week. This month our bill is so far £203.

  • 30 December 2019
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Updated 24/09/2020

When we joined boost, we was quoted £16 a week. This month our bill is so far £203 per month. We was a way for one week in October, we had £30 on our account and it had vanished when we got home. We was placed in emergency! How can you do this when we wasn’t even here? I rang customer service who said it was normal and when I questioned this, she hung up. The worst company I have ever had to deal with. I have now switched to bulb. But I will be pursuing this and I will be getting a refund. I’ve seen some scathing reviews from the other customers who have also been ripped off!

6 replies

I switched to boost on the 16th December after them promising to give me a cheaper deal already I've put £40 on my gas meter with my old supplier I used £50 a month max, along with other problems and bad customer services I'm wanting to switch back to my old supplier, are you in a contract with boost and how easy is it to switch back? 

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Sorry to hear we're not working out cheaper for you, @MartinBritnell.

@Jam14 I’ve moved your post over here too as it’s on a similar theme.

A weekly quote would have been based on the consumption figures you provided when you signed up. If you didn’t input any consumption figures, then the quote would have been based on average consumption for properties of your size. The best way to compare suppliers is by looking at unit rates and standing charges, rather than a general quote. This will tell you what you'll be paying per unit of gas and electricity. 

With PAYG, you'll only ever pay for exactly what you've used. While you were away in October, you’d still be liable for a standing charge for both gas and electricity, and any residual usage such as fridge/freezer and anything else left plugged in. If you're finding you’re topping up more at the moment, this could be down to the colder weather, or a difference in price. More info here.

With Boost there’s no fixed contracts so you’re free to switch whenever you like. 



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You say we get charged for the electricity we only use, well we was on holiday for a week with £30 in credit. We switched everything off by the plug and we can home to find we was in emergency credit! I’ve been trying to resolve this issue but your rude call centre keep hanging up on me. Please can you explain how I lost the £30 if no one was using any electric for a week. Unless the fridge freezer costs that much.

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Hi @MartinBritnell 

As I don’t have access to your account details, unfortunately I can’t explain these charges. Please send us a message on Facebook (m.me/boostpower) with your account number, full name and DoB and the team will be able to look into this.


How did you switch, i keep trying but because im on a smart metre the other companies dont seem to want to take me my electricity has increased 60+ a month I cant afford it thanks

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@Tarny29, it could be that your electric meter is in the “half hourly settlements” mode.

If you chose to have half-hourly readings, which keeps things as accurate as possible (and is also a requirement for PAYG+), then the mode that we put your meters in isn't recognised by all companies. Some companies see it as a commercial property, which is incorrect, it's just the mode to take regular readings.

I’d recommend getting in touch with us on 0330 102 7517, via email at hello@boostpower.co.uk, or on our Facebook and Twitter pages, and we can get this sorted for you.