Save Boost, Save Money, Save the planet without Super Glue

  • 21 September 2021
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Save Boost, Save Money, Save the planet without Super Glue
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Things are hard in the UK right now, as it will be for smaller energy companies.  I can tell you rates for electric unit price increase from 1st October from Boost are VERY favourable and at least one case better than at least one of the big six! You will notice it’s almost impossible to use comparison sites right now?!


I live in Far South West Cornwall with NO main lines gas but got 300mb fibre internet!?!?!?

I live alone in one bedroom flat and electric heating in winter isn’t great BUT on all other sides, I turn off that Immersion Heater, everything at wall, BAR Internet router. I agree we have a lot of gadgets that are a pain turning off.


I got old Pipet 500 display which does still do a great job! I like keeping view on pence per hour! I did have Smart Meter fitted too and this combination is excellent, also impressed you can top up at shop with App QR Code, Printed code or EVEN better from Apple/Android app or EVEN PC, AppleMAC from Web Browser.


I am not going to glue myself to the smart meter though lol! ;-)


Was over a year ago and bumpy start but Boost got it sorted and since then, it’s working 100% top up by myself, IHD works fine, Smart Meter works fine…


No more leaving that bathroom light on at night!


Anyone else want to share happy story?


Kind Regards




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