PAYG - I don't know why others are spending so much

  • 6 May 2018
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Been going through some of the conversations on here. I'm on Payg with a Smart meter, I only use what i put on during the winter I only ever use around £63 approx for both and £25 to £30 in summer, I have a combi boiler/central heating, I don't know why others are spending so much.
The only issues I have is that I was never informed of the OvoBoost partnership/merger, and I have referred a neighbour and still haven't received vouchers , I have been in touch and it is being sorted.

advisors are always friendly and helpful, I always get through straightaway.

2 replies

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I wish I was only using that much im almost £100 per month for both at the moment and last December I was £180 which I found incredibly high a little bit less in other months but roughly well over £100 a month in electricity I struggled last year and will definetly struggle even more this year can't work due to health reasons
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Hi @Janeclark

Might be useful having a look here for advice on how to save money on your gas and electricity, or giving the Centre for Sustainable Energy a call who offer impartial advice on energy costs.

Hope this helps,