How do I stop Boost texting me through the night? - I haven't been a customer since October.

  • 31 January 2022
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I was only a customer for 4 weeks from September but BOOST are texting me saying my account balance is low.  This is happening every night - early hours of the morning.  I have emailed twice, web chatted and called up but it is still happening.


  Can I report them as it is beyond a joke now?

4 replies

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I’m so sorry to hear of your continued contact from Boost despite switching away, @BOOST FED UP.


It sounds like there could be a technical issue which is causing these erroneous text messages as I’m sure you’ve requested your details be removed already. I fully appreciate the disruption this has caused and the time you’ve spent trying to get things resolved. In this case it sounds like your best course of action would be to make sure the issue is logged as a formal complaint. Any complaint raised needs to be fully investigated to find a solution, if we can’t get things sorted within 8 weeks of first logging the complaint, at this point you can refer the matter to the energy ombudsman for independent review - for a full rundown of our Complaints process see this page.


I’m sorry there’s not more we can do to help here but am hoping by raising a complaint about the issue our Support Team will be able to get to the bottom of things.

A reply at last


I have raised a complaint a couple of weeks ago by filling out the form on your complaints page and not even had an acknowledgement.







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Sorry to hear this is the first acknowledgement of your complaint, @BOOST FED UP.


Whilst you won’t receive an automatic confirmation for submitting the complaint form, we’d expect you to be contacted within 5 working days so it’s worth reaching out to the Support Team, either via webchat or by calling 0330 102 7517 to chase things up.


We’ll also be passing on your feedback to investigate why the usual response timeframe has been missed in your case.


I hope this helps get the issue resolved.

Whilst you won’t receive an automatic confirmation for submitting the complaint form

That is unacceptable. I'm a web developer and its pretty simple to set up auto-acknowledgements, especially for something as serious as a complaint. You could claim no complaint has been made and the complainant now has no proof because they have no acknowledgement. This should be rectified by the relevant department immediately.