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  • 3 June 2018
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Most people have been led to believe that the cheapest way to heat your home & hot water is by turning it OFF when your not at home!
This is a complete falacy(excuse spelling) told to you by the energy companies. Because they want you to use more.
The truth is. Its cheaper to leave your heating on constantly. Yes. Thats right all the time 24/7/52
Set your room thermostat to your prefeted temperature. In my case 22. Because im a reptile & hate the cold.
When you go out turn it down 2 degrees to say 20 degrees on my case.
Your home is an energy store. You need to heat up the structure for the heat to then heat the room. The bricks & mortar have to be warm to reflect the heat back. Actually to slow down the heat loss.
If you turn your heating OFF the store empties, like a thermos flask. You then have to heat up the bricks & mortar all over again. Using LOTS OF ENERGY whete as if left on CONSTANT the heating just has to come on now & then to top it up. A bit like keeping a bucket of water full when it has a pin hole in the bottom
So. Make sure your home is FULLY insulated. Millions of homes are not & £millions are available to FREE insulation. Even if you have to pay it takes no more than 2-5 yrs to get your money back. Im being negative with that because a lot depends on what you need.
Make sure your floors are insulated. Aluminium foil under the carpet/ vinyl does wonders. Draught proof rubbish uPvc windows with cheap rolls of foam. Get the cavity walls filled up with mineral fibre. Not plastic or paper please. Take a thetmal image of the outside of your home at night. Thetes a free app on playstore. Insulate your loft & as most women say 2inches is not enough. 12 or even 18 inches always brings a smile đŸ˜‚.
Ive spent 30 years in the insulation industry. It took me 3yrs to get part L of the building regulations introduced & upgraded.
If you have any questions im happy to help. Unbiased free information. Im retired so no financial gain for me. Im just passionate to keeping everyone warm and to stop our pensioners & vulnerable from dieing the most unimaginable painful death of the cold.
References:- Rockwool. Saint Gobain Insulation. Willan Glidevale. Isofoam.
Happy to help

4 replies

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Hi @MrInsulation thanks for posting!

You've made several important and good points here & it will be good to get others thoughts on this.

I can agree having a properly insulated property is key to reducing energy consumption - I'm actually in court with my landlord as it's been discovered half of the wall has no insulation whatsoever- years after I began complaining of a draught.

're turning boiler off - I've not actually seen anything from boost to advocate this practice. Be good to know boost position on this too
I am in an identical situation. Refer to Part L of the building regulations. Your Landlord has a duty of care. Always works.
Your Local Authority are also responsible under their obligation yo ensure adherence to building regulations & their duty of care.

As for any energy companies comments. Please be serious. They sell energy they have an obligation to investors share holders to fullfil. As customers we are just pawns.

Be very interested to speak off line
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Thank you for the advice, these regulations already form a small part of my case however as you can appreciate I am limited in what I can say as this is a current dispute.

I'm happy to converse via private messaging on here if you wish.
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Absolutely false. It's like leaving a kettle on all night because you might want a brew tomorrow. If you had an electric old style emersion tank then you would insulate it and turn it on an hour before needing hot water etc for a bath and switch it off the rest of the day to save a fortune