Boost Power live chat / web chat - where can I find this?

  • 7 September 2021
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Boost Power live chat / web chat - where can I find this?
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Want to web chat Boost Power?


Need help? Nothing on the Boost Forum, or Boost Help guides?


We got you covered. Speak to us on Live Chat, via the Boost Power homepage here


Click on the yellow circle near the bottom right of the page to select web chat 


What are the opening hours for web chat?


Web chat is open whenever our phone lines are open, here:


Monday - Friday: 8am-8pm

Saturday - Sunday: 9am-5pm 


What can I do when web chat isn’t open?


Boost Power are available to contact 7 days a week. However sometimes an emergency can happen when we’re closed overnight. We’ve made a guide of the most common emergency issues with PAYG and what you can do to get help with them. See this here:



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5 replies

I can not top up 

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brilliant if you don't mind being number 281 in the que!

Really bad customer services . I can’t seem to get an advisor on Twitter , webchat or phone 

40 minutes . Are they trying to break the sky record 😂

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Sorry for the time you’ve both spent trying to reach the Support Team, @Kimcaroline and @e.reed.


We’re particularly busy at the moment but the team are working hard to get to you ASAP. If you haven’t already got things resolved, maybe we can offer some advice to help.


Let us know a few more details and we’ll do our best to answer things here. 🙂