Bad customer service on the phone

  • 3 December 2019
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I have had about enough of boost telephonists today not once but twice I was hung up on. After waiting over half an hour to get through I asked my question they put me on hold to find the answer and promptly hung up on me. I rang back and waited 20 minutes to ask the same question again to be told I don't understand I shall look into it then hung up I now have to wait until tomorrow to try and resolve my issue.

    I think that the phone lines should be open until 8pm that way you can ring several times to try and get an answer.

9 replies

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This isn't great to hear @nikkidec65!


It would be a good idea to get this experience fed back to the Boost team. You can reach them via their Facebook page here or raise your unhappiness the next time you phone in.


It’s worth noting that the Boost care lines are open between 8am - 8pm, Monday to Friday. So, you should be able to get in touch later in the evening.


Let us know how you get on,






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i have been lied to several times on the phone by boost support telling my they switched / switching my property type to non domestic / residential apparently im registered as a business address and because of this i cant leave now i phoned up 2 times a month and a week ago was assured the changes were taking place in national database today i phoned up bingo the support said yes its updated so im like finally time to try my 3rd time switching (filling info in 3 times for another site is not fun) oh guess what rejected due to business address my meter is marked as type 00 / Business on the eco’s nation database but wait dint boost customer support just confirm they updated it apparently they lied...

Hi nikkidec65

I have  also had very bad customer service from this company. I found them to be very ignorant, I did manage to get through to someone who I found to be downright rude. I only had 1 questions to ask which I asked seven or eight times not once did she even acknowledge my question…


I've asked her why, for the first 4 months every time I topped up my meter after using the emergency, the met

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ignore the previous statement above by me can’t delete it boost did infact switch me to residential it was just the new provider being weird applied again and it worked finally am leaving boost.

This F@#ing company just mugging me off all the time, grrr!

Surely it must be easier just answer the questions you're asked than it is to go about it the way you are?

Can't wait to leave and sign up with a genuine supplier.


I joined boost in 2017. Was told in October that my gas meter had never worked. I was told that you would come to an agreement as to how much I would need to pay back each week. There was never an agreement I was told by e mail I have to pay back £1 per day. Boosts energy prices are so high I can't afford to use the central heating. It is freezing cold and I have arthritis. I had a knee replacement earlier this year and having the other knee done in the near future yet I am sitting in the cold, freezing with my coat on in my home. I have phoned numerous times and nothing is resolved. I phoned twice today and while asking my questions the phone was put down. I want to know why I am listed as a non domestic user and why it cost me £85 in November when I was only at home for 14 days and on those days I had the central heating on for 3 hours a day for 4 days. 12 hours of heating in a month and 14 showers and a few hours of tv for £85. I should of stayed with British gas. I have now been waiting for my call back for the 3rd time. I want this resolved, I want to leave boost, I want to be put back to a domestic customer. Please sort this or I'm going to the ombudsman

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Not a great read @Smurf 


I’ve moved your comment here. You can find the contact information for Boost above, as it would be great for you to get this all fed back to the team. 


They should also be able to get your issues resolved,




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I can totally sympathize with this post I rang the call center 4 times today and was put on hold for extended periods and hung up on 3 times once by a manager, I’ve been fed false information and I’m still no closer to resolving an issue that started 9 days ago, they’re beyond a joke.

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yup they are clueless helpless and clearly dont follow regulations.