Why did my warm home discount never get applied after the switch from OVO to boost?

  • 22 August 2018
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I applied for a warmer home discount and just thought I would still receive it despite the change over but it never happened I'm so angry! I have now missed the next deadline I will be changing suppliers

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Updated on 10/03/2021: The Warm Home Discount window for 2020/2021 has now closed. For more information on the Warm Home Discount, including how to apply next year, click here.


hey @Cealij

thanks for posting. the best way to establish what happened is to reach out to the boost customer care team to see whether you were accepted last year on the scheme or not.

boost haven't opened their application for the WHD this winter so keep an eye out for it. if you search WHD in the search bar at the top of this page, one of the other posts contain the link to preregister your interest in the WHD scheme when it opens later this year.

I was originally with OVO on dual fuel, I applied for winter payment and got it as disabled fitted criteria, moved over to BOOST automatically, have applied for I got it once, never had it since. What's going on, if you fit the criteria?
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We already had a topic on this, @johnk54, so I've moved your query over to here!

Check out Matt's answer for more information.