Why couldn't I get through on the phone to customer service this morning?

  • 14 January 2020
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Updated on 30/09/2020 - There’s a really helpful article about this here. Be sure to check out the latest changes to our smart products here

I can’t seem to get through to customer service I have topped up but still need emergency funds added I already have a debt on my meter so I can’t do it through the app it needs to be over the telephone could Somebodh call me ASAP as I’m off supply 

1 reply

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Hey @Hanxx,


We experienced an issue with the phone lines this morning, which stopped customers from being able to get through for a short period.


We managed to resolve the issue now, so if you still need to speak to someone, please get in touch with us on 0330 102 7517, or if you’d prefer, send us a message to our Facebook or Twitter pages.