What are the pros and cons of being a Pay as You Go customer?

  • 3 July 2019
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Being a Pay as You Go (PAYG) customer certainly has its Pro's and Con's, but we want to hear about your thoughts and experiences!

We've opened up this space for you all to get involved and put across your views, but you may also want to pop in any helpful tips and advice you think might be useful to other users!

I'll guess I'll start things off, as I've had the experience of being a PAYG customer in the past. You could say I practice what I preach!

I was a PAYG customer before I knew anything about the energy industry, but I found my whole experience positive and I luckily never had any issue with emergencies or major off supply issues.


Being on Top of Usage & Costs

I would say a great pro of being PAYG means I was massively on top of my usage, as my costs were coming off of my balance as it was being used. This is not what I find it like now as a Pay Monthly customer where I look at my costs and usage once a month!






Having a Local Pay-Point

Another pro for me, was that my local Pay-Point was a road away from where I live. So, I really didn't have to venture far when I needed to top up!








Issues with Traditional Meters

One major con for me was that I had traditional prepayment meters which meant, when I did have very minor technical issues, I'd have to run back and forth to a Pay-Point (although not far from me) in order to collect codes etc. 







Being Disconnected at Awkward Times

Lastly, with traditional prepayment meters, it did mean that if I let my emergency credit run out the supply disconnects the moment it's gone! It's probably safe to say being disconnected during the night or during your dinner isn't great. Sadly this was usually down to me being lazy rather than anything related to my energy supply!







Well, enough about me, what about you? Sound off below! (Add pictures if you fancy it!)

@Wach @ashtonethan29, do you feel like jumping in and getting this discussion rolling? :D



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